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Personnel Photo of Janet  Hardin
Janet Hardin
Research Associate
Agricultural Biology
College of Agricultural Sciences

Plant Sciences Building, Room
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    Karimzadeh, Javad, Hufbauer, Ruth A, Kondratieff, Boris C, Hardin, Janet G, Norton, Andrew P, (2021) A survey of the hymenopteran parasitoid complex of Dalmatian toadflax weevils in Colorado BIOCONTROL SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY

    Schwartz, Howard F, Alston, Diane, Alwang, Jeff, Bartolo, Michael E, Blunt, Tamla Diann, Boateng, Charles, Bunn, Bonnie, Cramer, Chris, Cranshaw, Whitney S, Davidson, Jeffery William, Derie, Michael, Douce, Keith, Drost, Dan, du Toit, Lindsey, Gourd, Thaddeus, Gugino, Beth, Hammon, Bob, Hardin, Janet G, Hausbeck, Mary, Jibilian, George, Lafferty, Jed, LaForest, Joseph, McMillan, Mark S, Mohan, Krishna, Morrice, Jarrod, Nault, Brian, Nischwitz, Claudia, Norton, George, Otto, Kristen, Pappu, Hanu, Petersen, Mike, Sampangi, Ram, Schroeder, Brenda, Secor, Will, Szostek, Stephanie, Tisserat, Ned A, Uchanski, Mark, VanKirk, James, Waters, Tim, Wiriyajitsomboon, Prissana, Wohleb, Carrie, (2014) Onion ipmPIPE: A coordinated effort to improve the management of onion thrips and Iris yellow spot virus for onion growers and their industry APS Plant Health Progress 15 172-183

    Schwartz, Howard F, Bartolo, Michael E, Hardin, Janet G, Cranshaw, Whitney S, Nissen, Scott J, Szostek, Stephanie, Reddin, Kimberly, Cramer, Chris, Uchanski, Mark E, Alston, Diane G, Rost, Dan, du Toit, Lindsey J, Pappu, Hanu R, Schroeder, Brenda K, Waters, Tim, Dutta, Bhabesh, Srinivasan, Rajagopalbab, Gitaitis, Ronald D, Nault, Brian A, (2013) "Onion Health Management and Production" CSU IPM Center 104

    Norton, Andrew P, Blair, Amy C, Hardin, Janet G, Nissen, Scott J, Brunk, Galen R, (2008) Herbivory and novel weapons: no evidence for enhanced competitive ability or allelopathy induction of Centaurea diffusa by biological controls Biological Invasions 10 1 79–88

    Enloe, S, Nissen, Scott J, Westra, Philip, Foster, G, Ulstad, V, Sterling, R, Hardin, Janet G, (1998) "The Absorption, Translocation, Metabolism, and Soil Activity of Quinclorac in Field Bindweed (Convolvulus arvensis L.)" 51 133--133

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