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Personnel Photo of Jocelyn  Lavallee
Jocelyn Lavallee
Soil and Crop Sciences
College of Agricultural Sciences

Nesb Building, Room
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    Zhang, Yao, Lavallee, Jocelyn Marie, Robertson, Andy D., Even, Rebecca Jean, Ogle, Stephen M, Paustian, Keith H, Cotrufo, M. Francesca, (2021) Simulating measurable ecosystem carbon and nitrogen dynamics with the mechanistically defined MEMS 2.0 model BIOGEOSCIENCES 18 10 3147-3171

    Rocci, Katherine S., Lavallee, Jocelyn Marie, Stewart, Catherine E., Cotrufo, M. Francesca, (2021) Soil organic carbon response to global environmental change depends on its distribution between mineral-associated and particulate organic matter: A meta-analysis SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT 793

    Francesca Cotrufo, M., Lavallee, Jocelyn Marie, Zhang, Yao, Hansen, Paige, Paustian, Keith H, Schipanski, Meagan Erin, Wallenstein, Matthew, (2021) I n ā€Nā€O ut: A hierarchical framework to understand and predict soil carbon storage and nitrogen recycling Global Change Biology 27 19 4465-4468

    Lugato, Emanuele, Lavallee, Jocelyn Marie, Haddix, Michelle, Panagos, Panos, Cotrufo, M. Francesca, (2021) Different climate sensitivity of particulate and mineral-associated soil organic matter Nature Geoscience 14 5 295-300

    Lavallee, Jocelyn Marie, Soong, Jennifer, Cotrufo, Francesca, (2020) Conceptualizing soil organic matter into particulate and mineral-associated forms to address global change in the 21st century Global Change Biology 26 261-273

    Yan, Ming, Pan, Genxing, Lavallee, Jocelyn Marie, Conant, Rich T, (2019) "Rethinking sources of nitrogen to cereal crops" GLOBAL CHANGE BIOLOGY

    Lavallee, Jocelyn Marie, Conant, Rich T, Paul, Eldor A, Cotrufo, Francesca Francesca, (2018) Incorporation of shoot versus root-derived 13C and 15N into mineral-associated organic matter fractions: elucidating mechanisms using a litter-soil slurry incubation Biogeochemistry

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