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College of Agricultural Sciences Personnel Profile
Personnel Photo of Judith  Harrington
Judith Harrington
Soil and Crop Sciences
College of Agricultural Sciences

  • Ph D, Colorado State University; Agronomy/Genetics and Breeding
  • MS, Colorado State University; Horticulture
  • BS, Colorado State University; Botany
  • BA, Colorado State University; Journalism
  • BA, Brigham Young University; English
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Dao, Hung Q, Harrington, Judith Eileen, Reid, Scott D, Manmathan, Harish Kumarimandhiram, Byrne, Patrick F, (2016) Genome-Wide Association Study in Bread Wheat Identifies Loci for Grain Protein Content and Test Weight Plant and Animal Genome abstracts

Harrington, Judith Eileen, Byrne, Patrick F, Peairs, Frank B, Nissen, Scott J, Westra, Philip, Ellsworth, Peter C, Fournier, Al, Mallory-Smith, Carol A, Zemetra, Robert S, Henry, W Brien, (2010) Perceived consequences of herbicide-tolerant and insect-resistant crops on integrated pest management strategies in the western United States: Results of an online survey AgBioForum

Byrne, Patrick F, Gaines, Todd A, Westra, Philip, Henry, W B, Nissen, Scott J, Chapman, P, Harrington, Judith Eileen, (2008) "Estimating gene flow from wheat to wheat and wheat to jointed goatgrass (Aegilops cylindrica)" CSU Agricultural Experiment Station TB08-03

Byrne, Patrick F, Harrington, Judith Eileen, Nissen, Scott J, (2006) IPM Consequences of Herbicide Tolerant and Insect Resistant Crops in the Western US

Zemetra, Robert, Brown, Jack, Byrne, Patrick F, Harrington, Judith Eileen, Nissen, Scott J, Peairs, Frank B, Westra, Phil, Riera-Lizarazu, Oscar, Mallory-Smith, Carol, Ellsworth, Peter, (2005) Integrated Pest Management for Herbicide Tolerant and Insect Resistant Crops: Assessing Information and Research Needs.

Byrne, Patrick F, Namuth, Deana M, Harrington, Judith Eileen, Ward, Sarah M, Lee, Donald J, Hain, Patricia, (2002) Increasing public understanding of transgenic crops through the World Wide Web Public Understanding of Science 11 3 293–304

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