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Personnel Photo of Karl  Ravet
Karl Ravet
Research Scientist
Soil and Crop Sciences
College of Agricultural Sciences

Plant Sciences Building, Room
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    Ravet, Karl, Sparks, Crystal Devona, Dixon, Andrea L, Kuepper, Anita, Westra, Eric Philip, Pettinga, Dean Jacob, Tranel, Patrick J, Felix, Joel, Morishita, Don W, Jha, Prashant, Kniss, Andrew, Stahlman, Phillip, Neve, Paul, Patterson, Eric, Westra, Philip, Gaines, Todd A, (2021) Genomic-based epidemiology reveals independent origins and gene flow of glyphosate resistance in Bassia scoparia populations across North America Molecular Ecology 30 21 5343--5359

    Xie, Yucong, Ravet, Karl, Pearce, Stephen P, (2020) Extensive structural variation in the Bowman-Birk inhibitor family in common wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)

    Ravet, Karl, Sparks, Crystal Devona, Dixon, Andrea, K\"upper, Anita, , Westra, Eric Philip, Pettinga, Dean Jacob, Tranel, Patrick, Felix, Joel, Morishita, Don, Jha, Prashant, others, , Westra, Philip, (2020) Genomic-based epidemiology reveals gene flow and independent origins of glyphosate resistance in Bassia scoparia populations across North America Authorea Preprints

    Dayan, Franck E, Barker, Abby Lynn, Dayan, Lauren, Ravet, Karl, (2019) The role of antioxidants in the protection of plants against inhibitors of protoporphyrinogen oxidase Reactive Oxygen Species 7 19 55–63

    Ravet, Karl, Patterson, Eric, Kr\"ahmer, Hansj\"org, , Hamouzov\'a, Kate\vrina, , Fan, Longjiang, Jasieniuk, Marie, Lawton-Rauh, Amy, Malone, Jenna M, McElroy, J Scott, Merotto, Jr, Aldo, others, , (2018) The power and potential of genomics in weed biology and management Pest management science

    Van Horn, Christopher R, Gaines, Todd A, Ravet, Karl, Patterson, Eric, Beffa, R, Gille, S, Westra, Philip, (2018) "Transcriptomic analysis of Ambrosia trifida response to glyphosate: Overlap of cell death pathways between herbicide resistance and pathogen defense?" Pest management science 108 10

    Hantzis, Laura Jean, Kroh, Gretchen, Jahn, Courtney Elaine, Cantrell, Michael, Peers, Graham, Pilon, Marinus, Ravet, Karl, (2018) A program for iron economy during deficiency in Arabidopsis rosettes targets specific Fe proteins. Plant Physiology 176 596-610

    Fernández-Escalada, Manuel, Zulet-González, Ainhoa, Gil-Monreal, Miriam, Zabalza, Ana, Ravet, Karl, Gaines, Todd A, Royuela, Mercedes, (2017) Effects of EPSPS copy number variation (CNV) and glyphosate application on the aromatic and branched chain amino acid synthesis pathways in Amaranthus palmeri Frontiers in Plant Science 8 1970

    Patterson, Eric, Pettinga, Dean Jacob, Ravet, Karl, Neve, Paul, Gaines, Todd A, (2017) Glyphosate resistance and EPSPS gene duplication: Convergent evolution in multiple plant species Journal of Heredity

    Gaines, Todd A, Tranel, Patrick, Fleming, Margaret Brigham, Patterson, Eric, Kuepper, Anita, Ravet, Karl, Giacomini, Darci, Gonzalez, Susana, Beffa, Roland, (2017) "Applications of Genomics in Weed Science" CRC Press

    Shahbaz, Muhammad, Ravet, Karl, Peers, Graham, Pilon, Marinus, (2015) Prioritization of copper for the use in photosynthetic electron transport in developing leaves of hybrid poplar. Frontiers in plant science 6 407

    Tapken, W, Ravet, Karl, Shahbaz, Muhammad, Pilon, Marinus, (2015) Regulation of Cu delivery to chloroplast proteins. Plant signaling & behavior 10 7 e1046666

    Ravet, Karl, Pilon, Marinus, (2013) Copper and iron homeostasis in plants: the challenges of oxidative stress. Antioxidants & redox signaling 19 9 919-32

    Tapken, W, Ravet, Karl, Pilon, Marinus, (2012) Plastocyanin controls the stabilization of the thylakoid Cu-transporting P-type ATPase PAA2/HMA8 in response to low copper in Arabidopsis. The Journal of biological chemistry 287 22 18544-50

    Ravet, Karl, Danford, F L, Dihle, A, Pittarello, M, Pilon, Marinus, (2011) Spatiotemporal analysis of copper homeostasis in Populus trichocarpa reveals an integrated molecular remodeling for a preferential allocation of copper to plastocyanin in the chloroplasts of developing leaves. Plant physiology 157 3 1300-12

    Pilon, Marinus, Ravet, Karl, Tapken, W, (2011) The biogenesis and physiological function of chloroplast superoxide dismutases. Biochimica et biophysica acta 1807 8 989-98

    Pilon, Marinus, Cohu, C M, Ravet, Karl, Abdel-Ghany, Salah Esmat, Gaymard, F, (2009) Essential transition metal homeostasis in plants. Current opinion in plant biology 12 3 347-57

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