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College of Agricultural Sciences Personnel Profile
Personnel Photo of Catie Caitlin Cramer
Catie Caitlin Cramer
Assistant Professor
Animal Sciences
College of Agricultural Sciences

Animal Sciences Building, Room
  • Ph D, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Dairy Science
  • MS, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Dairy Science
  • BS, Colorado State University; Animal Science
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Edwards-Callaway, Lily Nowell, Cramer, Catie Caitlin, Cadaret, Caitlin, Bigler, Libby Jaed, Engle, Terry E, Wagner, John Joseph, Clark, Daniel, (2020) Impacts of shade on cattle well-being in the beef supply chain Journal of Animal Science

Simpson, Hailey Marie, Cramer, Catie Caitlin, Edwards-Callaway, Lily Nowell, Stallones, Lorann, Thompson, Sofia, Ennis, Sari Rose, Kim, Elizabeth, Roman-Muniz, I Noa, (2020) PSV-5 Dairy worker perspectives on performing euthanasia as an essential component of their job Journal of Animal Science 98 Supplement_4 216-216

Cramer, Catie Caitlin, Proudfoot, Kathryn L, Ollivett, Theresa L, (2019) Behavioral attitude scores associated with bovine respiratory disease identified using calf lung ultrasound and clinical respiratory scoring Journal of Dairy Science

Cramer, Catie Caitlin, Ollivett, TL, (2019) Growth of preweaned, group-housed dairy calves diagnosed with respiratory disease using clinical respiratory scoring and thoracic ultrasound—A cohort study Journal of dairy science 102 5 4322--4331

Cramer, Catie Caitlin, Pairis-Garcia, Monique D, Bowman, Andrew S, Moeller, Steven J, Zhang, Yuntao, Sidhu, Pritam K, Magnin, Geraldine, Coetzee, Johann F, (2019) Pharmacokinetics of transdermal flunixin in sows Journal of veterinary pharmacology and therapeutics 42 4 492--495

Burkemper, Mary C, Cramer, Catie Caitlin, Moeller, Steven J, Pairis-Garcia, Monique D, (2019) The effect of oral meloxicam on piglet performance in the preweaning period Journal of Swine Health and Production 27 6 317--321

Ross, Lauren, Cressman, MD, Cramer, Catie Caitlin, Pairis-Garcia, MD, (2019) Validation of alternative behavioral observation methods in young broiler chickens Poultry science 98 12 6225--6231

Cramer, Catie Caitlin, Ollivett, TL, Stanton, AL, (2016) Associations of behavior-based measurements and clinical disease in preweaned, group-housed dairy calves Journal of dairy science 99 9 7434--7443

Cramer, Catie Caitlin, Stanton, AL, (2015) Associations between health status and the probability of approaching a novel object or stationary human in preweaned group-housed dairy calves Journal of dairy science 98 10 7298--7308

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