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College of Agricultural Sciences Personnel Profile
Personnel Photo of MARCO  Costanigro
MARCO Costanigro
Associate Professor
Agricultural and Resource Economics
College of Agricultural Sciences

Nutrien Building Building, Room
  • MS, Washington State University; Statistics
  • Ph D, Washington State University; Economics
  • MA, Washington State University; Agribusiness
  • BS, University of Bologna, Italy; Soil and Crop Sciences

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Didero, Nicole Marie, Costanigro, MARCO, Jablonski, Becca BR, (2021) Promoting farmers market via information nudges and coupons: a randomized control trial Agribusiness: An International Journal 37 3 531-549

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Prescott, Melissa P, Cleary, Rebecca L O, Bonanno, Alessandro, Costanigro, MARCO, Jablonski, Becca BR, Long, Abby, (2020) Farm to school activities and student outcomes: A systematic review Advances in Nutrition 11 2 357-374

Bonanno, Alessandro, Bimbo, Francesco, Oude-Lansik, Alfons, Costanigro, MARCO, Viscecchia, Rosaria, (2019) Credence Attributes and the Quest for a Higher Price: a Hedonic Stochastic Frontier Approach European Review of Agricultural Economics 46 2 163-192

Bonanno, Alessandro, Bimbo, Francesco, Costanigro, MARCO, Alfons, Oude Lansink, Rosaria, Viscecchia, (2018) Credence Attributes and the Quest for a Higher Price—a Hedonic Stochastic Frontier Approach Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics

Kibler, Michelle Leigh, Pendell, Dustin L, Costanigro, MARCO, Traub‐Dargatz, J., (2017) An estimation of US horse‐owner/caregiver willingness‐to‐pay for daily use and infectious upper respiratory disease treatment options Equine veterinary journal

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(2011) "Regulating the Availability of Beer, Wine, and Spirits in Grocery Stores: Beverage-Specific Effects on Prices, Consumption and Traffic Fatalities" article was featured in two popular pressblogs, including the Washington Post:

(2011) "Report Assessing the Consumer Behavior, Market Coordination and Performance of the Consumer-Oriented Fruit and Vegetable Sector" S1050

(2011) The Interaction of Water Restriction and Pricing Policies: Econometric, Managerial and Distributional Implications Journal of Natural Resources Policy Research

(2010) The Economics of Nested Names: Name Specificity, Reputations, and Price Premia American Journal of Agriculture Economics 92 5 1339-1350

(2009) Estimating Class-Specific Parametric Models under Class Uncertainty J Appl Econom 24 1117-1135

(2009) " Obtaining,Managing Reputation Price Premia in Markets forExperience Good: Evidence from Academic Research" AMR09-03 Available athttp://darecolostateedu/pubs/amr09-03pdf

(2007) Segmenting the Wine Market Based on Price: Hedonic Regression when Different Prices mean Different Products Journal of Agricultural Economics 58 3 454-466

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