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Personnel Photo of Mahesh  Narayanan Nair
Mahesh Narayanan Nair
Animal Sciences
College of Agricultural Sciences

Animal Sciences Building, Room
  • Ph D, University of Kentucky;
  • MS, University of Kentucky;
Personal Website:

Dr. Mahesh Narayanan Nair is an Assistant Professor (Meat Science) in the Department of Animal Sciences at Colorado State University. He was born and raised in the southern part of India and received his bachelor's in veterinary medicine (DVM) from Kerala Agricultural University, India. Mahesh then moved to the United States and completed his training earning M.S. and Ph.D. in meat science from the Department of Animal and Food Sciences at University of Kentucky.
Mahesh’s research focuses primarily on the fundamental aspects of fresh meat quality, employing proteomic and mass spectrometric tools. Furthermore, his research interests include postmortem muscle biochemistry, the role of mitochondria in meat quality, as well as the interactions between myoglobin redox stability and lipid oxidation. He has authored more than 90 publications, including 40 peer-reviewed research papers, 5 book chapters, and 48 abstracts. In his current role as a faculty member at CSU, Dr. Nair plans to continue his research in fresh meat quality and develop new courses in the area of meat science. He also enjoys interacting with students and educating them in the area of meat safety and quality and its application in the meat industry.

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