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Personnel Photo of Sarah  Morran
Sarah Morran
Research Coordinator
Agricultural Biology
College of Agricultural Sciences

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    Leal, Jessica, dos Santos Souza, Amanda, Borella, Junior, Araujo, , Langaro, Ana Claudia, Chapeta, Ana Carolina, Amorim, Eduardo S, Silva, Gabriela S, Morran, Sarah, Zobiole, Luiz Henrique S, Gaines, Todd A, Pinho, Camila, (2022) Sumatran fleabane (Conyza sumatrensis) resistant to PSI-inhibiting herbicides and physiological responses to paraquat Weed Science 70 46-54

    Kumar, Vipan, Liu, Rui, Currie, Randall S, Jha, Prashant, Morran, Sarah, Gaines, Todd A, Stahlman, Phillip W, (2021) Cross-resistance to atrazine and metribuzin in multiple herbicide-resistant kochia accessions: Confirmation, mechanism, and management Weed Technology 35 539-546

    Mendes, Rafael R, Takano, Hudson K, Leal, Jéssica F, Souza, Amanda S, Morran, Sarah, Oliveira, Jr, Rubem S, Adegas, Fernando S, Gaines, Todd A, Dayan, Franck E, (2020) Evolution of EPSPS double mutation imparting glyphosate resistance in wild poinsettia (Euphorbia heterophylla L.) PloS one 15 9 e0238818

    Matzrafi, Maor, Morran, Sarah, Jasieniuk, Marie, (2020) Recurrent Selection with Glufosinate at Low Rates Reduces the Susceptibility of a Lolium perenne ssp. multiflorum Population to Glufosinate AGRONOMY-BASEL 10 9

    Todd, Olivia Elizabeth, Figueiredo, Marcelo R. A., Morran, Sarah, Soni, Neeta, Preston, Christopher, Kubeš, Martin F., Napier, Richard, Gaines, Todd A, (2020) Synthetic auxin herbicides: finding the lock and key to weed resistance Plant Science 300 110631

    Gaines, Todd A, (2020) Mechanisms of evolved herbicide resistance Journal of Biological Chemistry 295 10307-10330

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