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College of Agricultural Sciences Personnel Profile
Personnel Photo of Robyn  Roberts
Robyn Roberts
Agricultural Biology
College of Agricultural Sciences

  • Ph D, University of Wisconsin; Plant Pathology
  • Ph D, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Plant Pathology
  • BS, Indiana University; Biology
  • BS, Indiana University-Bloomington; Biology
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Jones-Diamond, Sally Marie, Mason, Esten, Johnson, Jerry J, Haley, Scott D, Asfeld, Ed P, Tyler, Roger Whitaker, Kluth, Danica L, Meyer, Ron Francis, Trujillo, Wilma, Kaan, Dennis A, Roesch, K., Larson, Kevin, Douglas-Mankin, Kyle, Pettinger, Brett Terrill, Gaines, Todd A, Westra, Eric Philip, Shelton, Chad, Erker, Brad, Roberts, Robyn, Pottorff, Laura, Novak, Rick Allen, Nachappa, Punya, Cockrell, Darren Matthew, Peirce, Erika Sasha, (2021) "TR21-3: Making Better Decisions, 2020 Colorado Winter Wheat Variety Performance Trials" Colorado Agricultural Experiment Station

Roberts, Robyn, Liu, Alexander E., Wan, Lingwei, Geiger, Annie M., Hind, Sarah R., Rosli, Hernan G., Martin, Gregory B., (2020) Molecular Characterization of Differences between the Tomato Immune Receptors Flagellin Sensing 3 and Flagellin Sensing 2 Plant Physiology

Roberts, Robyn, Hind, Sarah R., Pedley, Kerry F., Diner, Benjamin A., Szarzanowicz, Matthew J., Luciano-Rosario, Dianaris, Majhi, Bharet B., Popov, Georgy, Sessa, Guido, Oh, Chang-Sik, Martin, Gregory B., (2019) Mai1 protein acts between host recognition of pathogen effectors and mitogen-activated protein kinase signaling Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions

Roberts, Robyn, Mainiero, Samantha, Powell, Adrian F., Liu, Alexander E., Shi, Kai, Hind, Sarah R., Strickler, Susan R., Collmer, Alan, Martin, Gregory B., (2019) Natural variation for unusual host responses and flagellin‐mediated immunity against Pseudomonas syringae in genetically diverse tomato accessions New Phytologist

Roberts, Robyn, Jaramillo-Mesa, Helena, Gannon, Megan, Holshbach, Elijah, Zhang, Jincan, Roberts, Robyn, Buettner, Matthew, Rakotondrafara, Aurelie M., (2019) The Triticum mosaic virus Internal Ribosome Entry Site Relies on a Picornavirus-Like YX-AUG Motif To Designate the Preferred Translation Initiation Site and To Likely Target the 18S rRNA Journal of Virology

Roberts, Robyn, Zhang, Jincan, Mihelich, Nicole, Savino, Danielle, Rakotondrafara, Aurelie M., (2017) "Manipulation of Oat Protoplasts for Transient Expression Assays. " Methods Mol Biol

Roberts, Robyn, Mayberry, Laura K., Browning, Karen S., Rakotondrafara, Aurelie M., (2017) The Triticum mosaic virus 5’ Leader Binds to Both eIF4G and eIFiso4G for Translation. PLOS ONE

Roberts, Robyn, Zhang, Jincan, Mayberry, Laura K., Tatineni, Satyanarayana, Browning, Karen S., Rakotondrafara, Aurelie M., (2015) A Unique 5’ Translation Element Discovered in Triticum mosaic virus. Journal of Virology

Zhang, Jincan, Roberts, Robyn, Rakotondrafara, Aurelie M., (2015) The role of the 5′ untranslated regions of Potyviridae in translation Virus Research 206 74-81

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