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Personnel Photo of Sarah J Wilhelm
Sarah J Wilhelm
Research Associate
Horticulture and Landscape Architecture
College of Agricultural Sciences

Nutrien Building Building, Room
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    Wang, Limei, Qian, Yaling , Brummer, Joe, Wilhelm, Sarah, Leach, Jan, (2019) Biomass Production and Soil Carbon Analysis of Switchgrass under Rainfed or Minimal Irrigation in a Semiarid Environment Agronomy Journal 111 1704-1711

    Wang, Limei , Qian, Yaling, Brummer, Joe E, Wilhelm, Sarah J, Parton, William J, (2015) Simulated biomass, environmental impacts and best management practices for long-term switchgrass systems in a semi-arid region Biomass and Bioenergy 75 254-266

    Wang, J Z, Fu, J M, Wilhelm, Sarah J, Qian, Yaling, (2013) Performance and physiological processes of ‘Brilliant’ Kentucky bluegrass (Poa pratensis L.) in response to salinity and mowing management Int. Turfgrass Res. J 12 491-495

    Qian, Yaling, Wilhelm, Sarah J, (2013) "Soil analysis before and 5 years after effluent water irrigation" ASA, CSSA and SSSA Annual Meetings Abstract

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