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About Us

Meet the Team!

Ana Cristina Fulladolsa

Director and Diagnostician

B.S. in Agricultural Production Systems and Ph.D. in Plant Pathology

I am passionate about applying science to solve agricultural problems. Plant diagnostics gives me the opportunity to do exactly this! Each sample is unique and brings new questions. I enjoy discovering the answers and helping people find the best way to take care of their plants. I am dedicated to mentoring and teaching everyone that comes to the clinic. I love sharing science with people of all backgrounds and encourage curiosity for plant science among younger generations and the public.

Matias Reynoso

Lab Assistant

B.S. Horticultural Science, M.S. Pest Management

I enjoy looking at different diseases in various plants and try to figure out the cause. In particular I like doing molecular biology for disease detection.

Photo of Alex Nelson

Alex Nelson

Lab Assistant

3rd year undergrad: B.S. Restoration Ecology

Before moving to Fort Collins, I worked at a garden center for 5 years in my home town and my favorite part of the job was always diagnosing. Working at the clinic has been a great opportunity to expand my knowledge in the realm of plant pathology and has sparked my interest in plant-microbe interactions. I hope to someday apply what I’ve learned here to ecological research and native plant restoration!

Mitchell Giebler

Lab Assistant

2nd year undergrad: B.S. Biological Science

I am fascinated by microbial interactions with plants, and at the clinic I have already been able to learn so much in this area. I love being able to encounter these interactions first-hand while at the clinic.

Helping Hands

Whitney Cranshaw – AgBio

Paula White – AgBio

Nancy Hastings – CEMML

Tony Koski – HLA

Jane Stewart – AgBio

Tessa Albrecht – AgBio

Rachael Stoudt – AgBio

Andrew Cordova – BioChem

Jen Rushton – AgBio

Matt Camper – AgBio

Ryan McNally – AgBio

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