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PGF Research Restart Check list

All PIs must apply for return to research using this form-even those previously approved need to complete this application; if they are approved already, they can continue to work but need to complete the application.  Below are the CSU and CAS-adapted research requirements, along with PGF Safety Standard Operating Procedures (SSOP) and Researcher Responsibilities.


CSU and CAS-adapted Research Restart Requirements:


PGF COVID-19 Safety Standard Operating Procedures

  • PGF main office will be opened M-F 9-5; with, at least 1 on-site staff member per day
  • Staff will work staggered shifts and work from home, when possible, to reduce time on campus
  • On-site staff will be spaced out, at least 200 ft2 per person, by utilizing main office and vacant classroom
  • Staff will complete required Employee Health Screening Form during on-site work days.
  • Face coverings will be worn according to University directive and changed daily
  • Hands will be washed frequently with soap and water or disinfected with hand sanitizer
  • Sanitation stations will be provided and stocked with gloves, face coverings, disinfectant and hand sanitizer, users are encouraged to utilize this
  • To reduce contact points, office doors will remain open during business hours
  • Email, text and phone are the preferred method of communication, otherwise appointments only. Drop-in appointments are discouraged  
  • PGF will assign research to alternating benches or greenhouse bays, when possible, to increase distance between research
  • Staff working in greenhouses or other PGF areas, will observe social distancing of 6’ and adhere to greenhouse capacity limits
  • IPM program will continue as usual, with pesticide applications completed in evening or weekends; Users will be notified in advance
  • Repairs & maintenance will continue as needed; all outside contractors will be required to wear all CSU-required PPE and maintain social distancing measures
  • Capacity numbers for greenhouses, growth chambers and other enclosed areas will be posted on each door and will be monitored by PGF staff
  • Common touched surfaces (door handles, greenhouse & growth chamber doors, watering wands, benches, etc.) will be wiped down daily with recommended disinfectant solution and/or disinfectant wipes
  • Tools (shovels, brooms, dust pans, scoops, etc.) will be disinfected weekly via the UV chamber
  • Deep Cleaning of greenhouses (floors, benches, walls, etc.) will be continued throughout the summer

Training & Events:

  • Greenhouse Orientation and Worker Protection Standard training will be via either Teams or Zoom. At this time, there will be no individual training sessions.  Schedule will be posted on website, Redbud and on office board
  • Conservatory, classroom, tours and workshops are closed until further notice


Names and Numbers of PGF Staff

Prefer text or email


  1. Tammy Brenner: 970-986-9427
  2. Paul Freebury: /989-506-4761
  3. Marilee Stonis: /847-721-0005
  4. Mira Pusateri: / 626-487-5664



COVID-19 PGF Researcher Responsibilities & Recommendations:


  • Completion of daily health check for all personnel. The link to Symptom tracking:  
  • Hands must be washed prior to entering PGF and before leaving PGF
  • Face coverings worn, at all times, in facility
  • Utilize “sanitation stations” throughout facilities to maintain sanitation
  • Facility will adhere to social distancing guidelines and encloses spaces, including greenhouses, growth chambers, corridors, etc.) will not exceed capacity of 200 ft2 per person-once capacity is met, users must wait for someone to leave


  • Disinfect common areas (potting benches, root washing stations & pot washing sink) after each use with provided disinfectants


  • Labs are to wash and UV sanitize own pots, containers, etc. (contact PGF for UV details)


  • Discarded plant material is to be placed in BROWN compost bin in corridor or directly to outside compost bin


Recommendations & Best Practices:

  • Utilize PGF watering service to increase physical distancing and reduce contamination (contact PGF for details).
  • Utilize nearest exit door to leave building to prevent “bottlenecking” at other doors
  • Utilize automatic door (north PGF door) button to reduce contact with door handle (use foot or elbow)
  • Labs are to ensure greenhouse/growth chamber area is clean and tidy, clean up area after each use. Trash, used gloves, face covering, etc. must be properly disposed of


  • Please read and honor the safety plans that are posted on the doors to not only our labs/Greenhouses, but also labs/GHs/rooms with shared equipment.  These are not only for your safety, but also for the safety of your lab mates, families and others that you contact


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