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PGF Staff

Tammy Brenner

Tammy Brenner is the Plant Growth Facilities Manager who aids faculty, graduate students and research staff in producing quality plant-science based research.  Her primary role is to mange the daily operations and administrative aspects of the research greenhouses, biocontainment greenhouse and a fleet of growth chambers.  Tammy strives to create an effective and efficient operation to enable researchers to produce quality, consistent research.

After spending over a decade in retail garden centers and wholesale greenhouses then another decade in research greenhouses, including Rocky Mountain National Park and the USDA/ARS; she has become adept at problem solving, intrigued by unique qualities of people, is continuously improving, can see situations from various angles and is driven to succeed.

Tammy is a board member of the Association of Education and Research Greenhouse Curators (AERGC), a committee member of the Fantastic Four Research Safety Committee (yes, she’s a superhero!), Select Agent Regulation certified, a licensed Pesticide Applicator and once upon a time a Red Card Certified Wildland Firefighter and was member of the Professional Ski Instructors of America (PSIA).

Tammy holds an AA from Community College of Vermont, BS in Horticulture and  MS in Bioagricultural Sciences both from Colorado State University.

Tammy is an avid gardener (surprise, surprise), rarely turns down a good adventure,  loves watching movies with her husband and daughter and stays busy with her “Critter Collection”: her trusty Golden Retriever “Oz”, 2 cats and 2 house bunnies.

Paul Freebury

Paul Freebury is the Assistant Manager of the Plant Growth Facilities at Colorado State University where he assists the research community in navigating the facility, setting up their studies in the greenhouse, and providing expertise in horticultural best practices.

Realizing he always had an interest in both science and plants, Paul left a successful career of nearly twenty years in accounting and finance, relocated to Colorado in 2011 to attend CSU, and earned a second bachelor’s degree in Environmental Horticulture.  Before graduating he was honored to complete his internship requirement as the CSU Annual Trial Garden Coordinator, an important test garden for the floriculture industry, and a popular public attraction in Northern Colorado.

After graduating, Paul accepted a position as a Research Associate with CSU with a role in supporting a USDA researcher whose work focused on combating Phytophthora ramorum, a plant pathogen associated with Sudden Oak Death.  This research included a study in collaboration with the Dominican University in California where the pathogen was having a significant detrimental impact on oak species in that state.  Paul was responsible for facilitating the study design and traveled often to California to both set up the study design, and perform plant measurements as part of data collection in support of the ongoing research.

Marilee Stonis

Marilee Stonis is the RA here at PGF and an alumni of CSU horticulture program. She started working for PGF in the summer of 2017 and stayed on board as a work-study employee until her final semester of her studies took her to Toulouse, France to focus on European agriculture and viticulture practices. Once graduated and back in her hometown of Mount Prospect, Illinois, she found her ticket back to Colorado with a new opportunity available at the Plant Growth Facilities. She is now back overseeing the conservatory, the IPM program, and various greenhouse-maintenance tasks for Tammy and Paul. You can also find her again down at Fossil Creek Nursery working largely with perennials and sales on weekends. She is happy to be a part of two strong teams that provide experience and growth in these diverse areas of horticulture.

photo of marilee brenner
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