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Unquestioned global preeminence in Agritech and the Agribiome focusing on the safety, security and sustainability of food and resource systems contributing to our ongoing efforts to enhance the well-being of humans, plants and animals.


Innovations to Transform Crop Production

CSU researchers work with industry and government partners like USDA, NASA and others to study field variances and determine the best way to care for crops and enhance production. As technology evolves, so can our production of life-sustaining food. Detailed data analysis is showing us how to produce more crops on healthier plants, while taking into account vast variances in soil within individual fields.

AGRIBIOME-- testing in a lab

A Holistic Approach to Agriculture

The study of our agricultural biome offers a systems-level perspective on how to
make our food better through improved productivity and nutrient content. CSU’s cutting-edge research is leading to new discoveries of how microbes affect crops and livestock throughout the food cycle. We’re also finding ways to leverage gene editing, and produce new treatments using microbes that fend off plant disease.


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Research Centers

Seven centers across the state of Colorado, including the newly-opened Western Campus, which include interdisciplinary approaches to research.

Agricultural Experiment Station

The College's eight agricultural experiment stations combine research with CSU's extension, championing the university's land-grant mission.

Plant Growth Facilities

The Plant Growth Facilities is an Institutional Core Research Facility with greenhouses, growth chambers and biocontainment facilities.

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