Research Greenhouses

There are 12 research greenhouse bays within the PGF complex. They all range in environmental conditions. Each bay contains up to 9 rolling benches and hosts a range of research projects-everything from the CSU Wheat Breeding Program to Invasive weed species to Rice. Some of the work can be found through the Wheet Breeding and Genetics Program and the Weed Research Laboratory.

Teaching Greenhouse Bay

The teaching greenhouse, bay 112B, is designated for teaching labs, clubs and plant preparation only. Greenhouse are for plant material only. No pots, trays, potting media, dried/dead plants, fertilizers or other chemicals should be stored on benches. If found, items will be immediately discarded.

Once a study has ended, plant material, potting media and pots must be promptly disposed. If material remains two weeks after semester has ended, we will remove plant material and charge a cleaning fee of $200. Contact PGF for alternative arrangements if necessary. 


The Universities best kept secret! Our conservatory contains a large collection of tropical plants and exotic specimens. The conservatory is open to the public Monday – Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Come on in to enjoy a taste of the tropics on a cold winter day!   

Interested in holding an event in the Conservatory? Email Tammy for more information. 

PI/Faculty Responsibilities

All responsibilities and best practices stated in policy apply to teaching greenhouses-with NO exceptions.   

Additionally, PI’s/Faculty in the teaching greenhouse are responsible for: 

  • Providing list of TA’s and work study students at beginning of each semester to manager 
  • Providing information to TA’s and work study on access requirements, WPS training and orientation  
  • Training and enforcing of PGF rules and responsibilities including: 
    • Inspection of newly arrived plant material 
    • Weekly cleaning and tidying up of space 
    • Watering, cleaning and maintaining plant material 
    • Proper spacing of plants 
    • Removal of moss and oxalis in plant material  
    • Proper trash and compost removal 
  • Completing a space request for each semester-reservations do not automatically roll over 
  • Staying within assigned bench space-plant material on the floor or hanging from benches is not acceptable.  If additional space is needed, contact PGF. 
  • Requesting permission to alter mist bench timers, lighting or other equipment-all requests must be via email.  Verbal requests are not accepted 
  • Requesting permission to take cuttings, complete air layering or other Conservatory-related projects 
  • Notifying PGF (via email) of afterhours study groups, workshops and other special events