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Plainsman Research Center

The PRC is part of the dust bowl region marking a significant moment in agricultural history. Our research continues to build on our region’s history by optimizing irrigation and soil preservation techniques with limited water resources. We work with several grain and seed crops, developing enhanced pest resistant varieties for growers in our region.

Research and Engagement

We work with our regional growers and industry stakeholders finding solutions to protect important crop systems from damaging pests, invasive weeds, and soil loss. Our collaborative studies include work on wheat, corn, sorghum, sunflower, and alternative crops.

Man standing in a field

Story of Impact

Kevin Larson

Kevin Larson’s journey to the Plainsman Research Center took a circuitous path through a lifelong love for farming and learning how to ask the right questions. His early failure at farming motivated him to go back to school where he soon discovered he could play a bigger role. Now Kevin is the resource he didn’t have when he started out. Kevin’s primary responsibility at PRC ensures farmers have access to the information and resources they need for their farms’ continued success.

Upcoming Center Events

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