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Seed Growers FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q:    What is the difference between a Transfer Form and a Bulk Sales Certificate?

A:    A Transfer Form should only be used when seed is being sold to another seed grower (both in-state and out-of-state) for re-sale. So, if you sell seed to another seed grower and he plans to then sell it to his customers (farmers) – please use a Transfer Form.

All other sales require the use of a Bulk Sales Certificate. Even if it is going to another seed grower (i.e. Registered seed that the other seed grower will be planting). If the seed is going directly in the ground – use a Bulk Sales Certificate!

Q:    Who is responsible for paying the CWRF royalty if I transfer seed to another seed grower?

A:    Ultimately you – the grower of the seed and the party with the CWRF contract – are responsible. However, you can come to any agreement you so choose with the other seed grower. If the other seed grower agrees to pay the royalty to CWRF, that is acceptable. However, it must be made clear to the CSGA office when you submit your Distribution Summary which party should be INVOICED for those royalties.

Q:    What paperwork should be returned to the CSGA office with the Distribution Summary in December?

A:    Please send a copy of all Bulk Sales Certificates used with your Summary. Also, if you have made any transfers to other seed growers, please send a copy of the Transfer Form (again, make it clear on the Summary who is to be INVOICED for those royalties). Grower Agreements and/or BASF Stewardship Agreements should be sent to the CWRF office.

Q:    When selling seed via a Co-op, what paperwork is required?

A:    Again, this depends on your agreement with the Co-op. Many Co-ops prefer that the seed grower handle all the paperwork. If you choose to handle things this way, you (the seed grower) should give the Co-op a Bulk Sales Certificate and then call the CSGA office to order Bulk Sales tags for the Co-op to be used when they sell the seed to their customers/farmers. You will then report the sales on your Distribution Summary and be INVOICED for the royalties (for CWRF varieties).

Should you choose for the Co-op to handle the paperwork, you should give the Co-op a Transfer Form and send a copy to the CSGA office a.s.a.p. The CSGA office will then assign a new certification number to the Co-op for that lot of seed and then the Co-op can call and order Bulk Sales Certificates in their name to be used for the sales. The Co-op would also be required to complete a Distribution Summary for that seed and would be INVOICED for the royalties directly (for CWRF varieties). New: all entities selling CWRF varieties must be signed up with CWRF prior to seed sales!

Q:    Which varieties are owned by CWRF and what are the current royalty rates?

A:    To Date, CWRF owns Above, Ankor, Antero, Avalanche, Bill Brown, Bond CL, Brawl CL Plus, Byrd, Denali, Halt, Hatcher, Prairie Red, Prowers, Prowers 99, Ripper, Snowmass, Thunder CL and Yumar.

For current royalty rates, please contact the CWRF office at 970-449-6994.

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