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STEP- About Us

Serving Industry Through Education in Seed Science and Technology

Do you realize how much we depend on seeds?

Without seeds our food supply, clothing, buildings, beautiful scenery, soil stability, wildlife habitat, energy and other products vital to life would no longer be available.

Because of their importance, a large seed industry has emerged. Would you like to be part of this dynamic industry? Then check out the opportunities available through STEP – the Seed Technology Educational Program administered through Colorado Seed Programs at Colorado State University.

Seeds need to be produced, conditioned, evaluated for quality, genetically identified, sold and distributed. Because of their importance, we need people! An array of courses are available to educate you on different aspects of the seed industry. Instructors with expertise in a variety of topics and from several respected Universities across the country bring you their knowledge through a distance education format.

Mission Statement:

Seed Technology Educational Programs (STEP), at Colorado State University, is composed of personnel from public and private sectors working to provide education and resources to people interested in seed science and technology worldwide. STEP will provide courses in seed science through distance education, images for seed identification, and other resources for the seed industry. STEP will work to create programs by utilizing and cooperating with other professionals in seed science, and demonstrate leadership in the monitoring, marketing, and improvement of sustainable programs in seed technology.


  • To make Colorado State University’s Seed Technology Educational Programs a leader in seed science and technology education.
  • To develop, promote, and improve programs that will benefit the seed industry.
  • Insure that Seed Technology Educational Programs is financially sustainable.
  • Recruit expertise for participation in Seed Technology Educational Programs.



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