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STEP- Who We Are

Who We Are:

STEP is led by committee and staffed with educators and professionals throughout the program. Our members fall into either our committee or instructors and you can see both below.


The STEP program is administered by a committee which includes educators and seed professionals from various industries.

Current Members:

Rick Novak, Director, Colorado Seed Programs and Manager, Colorado Seed Growers Association
Colorado State University

Jim Bruce
(c ) 970-219-5402 (h) 970-484-5527

Randy Crowl, Manager Seed Lab
Colorado State University
Department of Soil and Crop Sciences

Arnold Larsen, Emeritus
Colorado State University
Department of Soil and Crop Sciences

Loren Wiesner, Emeritus
National Center for Genetic Resources Preservation

Gene Milstein
Applewood Seed Company
Representative for the Colorado Seed Industry
a.m. 303-526-9165
p.m. 303-431-7333

Joel Hoornbeck
Computer Outfitters
PO Box 1191
Wellington, CO 80549

John R. Mizicko, President
Eurofins STA Laboratories
1821 Vista View Dr.
Longmont, CO 80504
303-651-6417 (Office)
408-201-2516 (Mobile)

Roger Levy
625 Park River Place
Estes Park, CO  80517

Gil Waibel, RST
Native Seed Program Director
Indiana Crop Improvement Association
7700 Stockwell Road
Lafayette, IN 47909
c: 307-254-2526
p: 765.523.2535 x114
tf: 866.899.2518
f: 765.523.2536

Jim Klett
Landscape Horticulture, Ornamentals, and Nursery Management
219 Shepardson

Steve Newman
Greenhouse Crops and Stress Physiology
113A Shepardson


Our instructors come from many different backgrounds and bring their experiences with them to the classroom.

Current Instructor Roster:

SOCR 200 – Seed Anatomy and Identification
Instructor:  Randy Crowl –

SOCR 201 – Seed Development and Metabolism
Instructor:  Roger Levy –

SOCR 300 – Seed Purity Analysis
Instructor:  Jim Bruce –

SOCR 301 – Seed Germination and Viability
Instructor:  Jim Bruce –

SOCR 311 – Seed Quality: Seed Production and Genetics
Instructor: Roger Levy –

SOCR 410 – Seed Processes: Storage and Deterioration
Instructor: Roger Levy –

SOCR 413 – Seed Vigor Concepts and Testing
Instructor:  Randy Crowl –

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