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Pulse Agronomy

The Pulse Agronomy Team aims to increase the acreage and diversity of pulse crops grown in Colorado and around the world. Our intent is that by increasing pulse acreage we will advance environmental outcomes including:

  • Improved soil health
  • Reduced water use
  • Diminished demand for fertilizers and pesticides

What is a Pulse Crop?

Pulse crops are plants from the legume family that are harvested for their dried seeds. Pulses include dry beans, peas, and also chickpeas or garbanzos, cowpeas or black-eyed peas, and lentils. Pulses do not include legumes harvested fresh or used as cover crops or forages.

Where We Work in Colorado

We do research in partnership with scientists at many of the Colorado Research Centers including Grand Valley in Fruita, Rogers Mesa in Hotchkiss, and Southwestern in Yellow Jacket.

We also partner with the USDA Agricultural Research Service’s Central Great Plains Research Station in Akron, CO.

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Our Current Research Projects

Phosphorus Solubilization and Nitrogen Fixation by Pulse Crops

Salinity and Sodicity Tolerance in Pulse Crops

Impact of Pulse Crops on Soil Health

Improving Environmental and Economic Sustainability Outcomes Through Incorporation of Pulses into Irrigated and Dryland Crop Rotations 


Developing Best Management Practices for Organic Chickpea Production


Winter Pea Crop Rotations As an Approach to Make Summer Irrigation Water Available for Temporary Water Sharing Arrangements


Pulse Suitability Mapping


Meet Our Team

Jessica Davis

Dr. Jessica Davis

Pulse Agronomy


Dr. Davis is an Agronomist and Soil Scientist. After working at the Coastal Plain Experiment Station in Georgia, she came to CSU in 1995 and has enjoyed various roles here. Her degrees are from:

  • BachelorsCornell University
  • MastersTexas Tech University
  • Ph.D.Texas A&M University
Girma Wolde

Girma Wolde

Project Manager for Soil Health Project in Ethiopia

Girma received his BS in Crop Production and Protection from Jimma University, Ethiopia and his MS in Soil Science from Hawassa University, Ethiopia. He is currently Assistant Professor of Soil Science and Head of the Department of Plant Science at Wolkite University, Ethiopia.

Antisar Afkairin

Antisar Afkairin


Dr. Afkairin is an Environmental Microbiologist. She received her BS in Biology from Benghazi University, Libya and her MS in Environmental Engineering from the Academy of Graduate Studies, Libya prior to completing her PhD in Soil and Crop Sciences from CSU.

Winnie Paul

Winie Paul

MS Student

Winie is from Haiti and graduated from EARTH University, Costa Rica as an Agronomic Engineer and interned at Two Roots Farm in Colorado.

Expert Collaborations

Nutrition Collaborations

We are collaborating with nutrition experts like Henry Thompson and Ph.D. students Chelsea Didinger and Tymofiy Lutsiv to increase pulse consumption to improve human health.  

Agricultural Economics Collaborations

We collaborate with agricultural economists, Martha Sullins and Ph.D. student, Babatunde Ojetunde to quantify and expand market opportunities for pulses in order to connect production with consumption.

Chelsea Didinger

Chelsea Didinger

Tymofiy Litsiv

Tymofiy Lutsiv

Babatunde Ojetunde

Babatunde Ojetunde