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One variety of celery was grown at the Horticulture Research Center outside of Fort Collins, Colorado for demonstration purposes during the summer of 2004. The organic Conquistador celery transplants were donated from Greenheart Farms and transplanted on May 29th at 8″ in-row spacing in double rows on beds with 30″ centers. One line of drip tape was used originally, and a second line added in the end of July to increase water supply.

Celery requires high nutritional and water resources. Consistent fertility and irrigation results in good quality stalks, however, drier conditions can result in pithy plants. Harvestable from mid-September into October, celery is somewhat resistant to light frosts. Large volumes of trimmings may be an opportunity for value-added products such as drying or soup mixes. In the past, Colorado was a significant producer of blanched celery, which no longer has market demand.

Conquistador Celery
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