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Student Organizations

Get Involved!

We are proud to have you as our students and hope the College of Agricultural Sciences will become your second home during your time at Colorado State University. We want you to achieve your personal and educational goals, all while feeling comfortable, happy, and appreciated.

Our many student clubs and organizations are great ways to meet other students, practice what you learn in the classroom, and give you career-focused experiences for your resume. To learn more about the clubs listed below, you are always welcome to stop by the Dean’s Office or your respective Department offices.

Did you know?

There are 620 registered student organizations at CSU. Visit the SLiCE website to find even more ways to get involved with both your College and your University.

Donations and Sponsors

Many student organizations solicit sponsorships and gifts-in-kind from our College’s friends and donors. We prefer that you notify the College’s development office well in advance of your fundraisers, so that we can aid you in this process.

Below are some tools and guidelines that may help you to acheive your fundraising goals:

Sponsorships Checklist
Sponsorships Policy

Event Calendar


  • Ag Council

    The purpose of Ag Council is to provide leadership and representation for the student body via organizations within the College of Agricultural Sciences at Colorado State University. Besides bringing the departments together to support each other, this group also is an advocate and educator of agriculture throughout the University.

    To learn more about meeting times, please contact:  or Advisor, Dr. Mike Martin,

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  • Charges for Technology Committee

    Over twenty years ago, students from the College of Agricultural Sciences and other colleges elected to charge themselves a fee to provide the tools to learn leading edge skills in their respective fields. The fees intent is to provide the most good for the general student population. The fees are administered under the direction of the Dean by the IT Director. Students meet throughout the year in accordance with the university manual and college by-laws.

    To learn more about meeting times, please see their web page.  Contact:

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  • Ag Ambassadors

    The College of Agricultural Sciences Agricultural Ambassadors are dedicated to enhancing the land grant mission of Colorado State University. Comprised of student leaders, the organization engages in those activities that promote heightened awareness and pronounced vitality of the College of Agricultural Sciences, both on and off-campus.

    To learn more about meeting times, please contact: or Advisors, Aubriel Jones at and Susan Brown at

    **Annual recruitment is open now through Oct. 1. If you are interested in joining Ag Ambassadors and engaging in student leadership and service for the College of Agricultural Sciences, request an application by email

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  • Agribusiness Association

    The Colorado State University Agribusiness Association (ABA) is an organization devoted to the education and further understanding of the agricultural business through club-sponsored meetings, volunteer activities, networking with a variety of industry leaders by taking facility tours or from presentations at our meetings, networking with students who share the same interests as you, and most importantly having fun.

    To learn more about meeting times, please contact Alex Heeke: or Advisors, Katie Hartmann: and Marshall Frasier:

  • Alpha Gamma Rho Fraternity

    Alpha Gamma Rho is the Fraternity sharing a common bond within a dynamic, global agriculture committed to fostering the highest values and providing each and every brother with superior lifelong personal development and professional success.

    To learn more about meeting times, please contact or Advisor, Marshall Frasier:

  • Animal Welfare Science Club


    The Animal Welfare Science Club at CSU is dedicated to forming a community of undergraduate, graduate, and veterinary students interested in the science AND ethics related to animal welfare decisions in production, wildlife, companion and research species.

    To learn more about meeting times, please contact: or Advisor, Lilly Edwards-Calloway:

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  • Collegiate Farm Bureau


    Across the state, Farm Bureau’s collegiate leaders are active and engage in sharing the ag industry with others on campus. The college’s youth are engaged in numerous Young Farmer and Rancher activities and events, including joint conferences. Students also engage in their own collegiate discussion meets, ag education, safety events, and other social functions.

    To learn more about meeting times, please contact or Advisors, Melanie Calderwood: and Dana Hoag:

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  • CSU Livestock Association


    To learn more about meeting times, please contact or Advisor, Jennifer Martin:

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  • Equine Assisted Activities and Therapies Club


    The Equine Assisted Activities & Therapies Club is an organization that allows students to get more involved in the EAAT industry. We want to give our members the opportunity to learn more about the industry with hands on learning, facility visits, volunteering and so much more.

    To learn more about meeting times, please contact Bonnie Carnesecca: or Advisor, Sharon Butler:

  • Gillette Entomology Club

    The Gillette Entomology Club serves to provide open avenues for interdisciplinary communication, education, and enthusiasm among all people interested in insects and their relatives.  The Club hopes to open windows into the fascinating world of arthropods through monthly meetings, poster presentations, community outreach, guest seminar speakers, and the World Wide Web.

    To learn more about meeting times, please contact or Advisor, Matt Camper:

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  • Minorities in Agriculture, Natural Resources & Related Sciences (MANRRS)

    MANRRS is a national society that welcomes membership of people of all racial and ethnic group participation in agricultural and related sciences careers. For student members, MANRRS provides role models and networking opportunities.

    To learn more about meeting times, please contact Mikaela Oles: or advisor

  • Pi Alpha Xi

     The organization was established to foster good fellowship among students, educators and professional horticulturists. The society mission is to promote high scholarship, fellowship, professional leadership and the enrichment of human life through plants.

    To learn more about meeting times, please contact or Advisor, Jim Klett:

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  • Polo Club

    The CSU Polo Club is an entirely student run CSU club sport that has been in operation since 1977. The club owns over 30 polo ponies that are boarded at the CSU Equine Center, where practices are held 6 days a week. Our Men’s and Women’s teams are very competitive on a National level, frequenting regional and national tournaments. In addition, the club has a large beginner and junior varsity program. Previous polo experience is not required to join, so we regularly have between 30 and 40 members who are learning to love the great sport of polo.

    To learn more about meeting times, please contact or Advisor, Dr. Jason Bruemmer:

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  • Rocky Mountain Farmers Union

    The CSU RMFU Chapter focuses on engaging students in agriculture through their passions. We focus on education, leadership skills, outreach and advocacy, policy work, and cooperative development.

    To learn more about meeting times, please contact Maddie Lasewicz: or Advisor, Aubriel Jones:

  • Student Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects (SCASLA)

    The purpose and mission of SCASLA is to enhance the educational experience of undergraduate landscape architecture students by promoting awareness of the profession through leadership opportunities, education, service, and professional interaction.
    To learn more about meeting times, please contact Lauren Riordan: or Advisor, Kelly Curl:
  • Shotgun Sports

    CSU Shotgun Sports Team is a competitive shotgun shooting team for both men and women. The season begins in early fall with competitions throughout the year against colleges across the Midwest. This club provides students with an opportunity to engage in various shotgun shooting events while also teaching proper firearm handling.

    To learn more about meeting times, please contact or Advisor, Mark Enns:

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  • Agronomy Club

    The purpose of the CSU Agronomy Club is to gather together students with similar interests for their common benefit and advancement. The Agronomy Club provides a chance for students to take an active part in their department through fundraising projects, social events, and scholastic activities.


    To learn more about meeting times, please contact Jason Gerlich: or Tad Trimarco: or Advisor, Dr. Meagan Shipanski:

  • Animal Science Stewards


    The Stewards of Animal Sciences (SAS) Program is designed to further prepare motivated and driven Animal Sciences undergraduate students for leadership roles in a growing and ever changing Animal Agriculture Industry. Stewards will be provided with numerous leadership / development opportunities in addition to a series of seminars designed to further develop professional skills.

    To learn more about meeting times, please contact:

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  • Block and Bridle


    We have fun activities every month and bring in industry leaders to talk about current topics in the livestock industry. The objectives of the Block and Bridle are to promote Animal Sciences through the development of a program of activities, especially all phases of student Animal Science work in colleges and Universities.

    To learn more about meeting times, please contact Maddie Comes: or Advisor, Sam Cunningham:

  • Colorado State Horseman's Association (CSHA)


    CSHA provides opportunities for its members to explore and become involved in many aspects of the equine industry. We are open to anyone with an interest in horses and the equine industry as a whole, because of this members have a variety of backgrounds ranging from no horse experience to professional training and showing.


    To learn more about meeting times, please contact Torri Allred: or Advisor, Stephen Coleman:

  • English Riding Club

    Our club brings students of the English style riding discipline together! Club members meet once a week to ride together, and different clinicians are brought in once a month. In addition, the club meets once a month to do something other than riding. The club also hosts several schooling shows and participates in community service projects at Lory State Park.

    To learn more about meeting times, please contact or Advisor, Tiare Santisteven:

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  • FarmHouse Fraternity


    FarmHouse follows four main aspects in building men throughout their time in college – spiritual, intellectual, socal/moral and physical. By developing each area, we believe we prepare men for not only a better college experience but also a more successful life outside of the university setting.

    To learn more about meeting times, please contact Clay Russel: or Advisor, Rebecca Hill:

  • Horticulture Club


    The CSU Horticulture Club is one of the oldest university clubs, dating back to the 1920’s. The Horticulture Club has a wide range of exciting and fun activities for those who are passionate and interested in plants and horticulture.

    To learn more about meeting times, please contact Paul Furnas: or Advisor, Jim Klett:

  • Mountain Riders Horse Club

    You do not need a horse to be a part of Mountain Riders Horse Club. All that we ask is that you have an interest in horses, riding, and riding outside of the arena. Every semester (weather permitting), we plan one large ride that can be anywhere from a 1/2 day to a full day. We are able to borrow horses from ranches and outfitters for a very reasonable amount.

    To learn more about meeting times, please contact or Advisor, David Denniston:

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  • Pre-Vet Club


    The CSU Pre-Vet Club offers bi-monthly meetings with speakers and 4 monthly activities ranging from community service events to social events. They also have a shadow program in the spring where they match Club members with local veterinarians. Their premiere event, Pre-Vet Day, is held each fall, which includes a full day of lectures and hands on labs.

    To learn more about meeting times, please contact Katy Beirise: or Advisor, Ann Bowen:

  • Ranch Horse Team


    The club’s primary goal is of course to have fun, but also to educate its members on the different skills that the ASHA focuses on, which are ranch work – ranch riding, ranch trail, reining and cowhorse. They host two shows per year at the B.W. Pickett Arena and encourage members of all abilities to come see what ranch horse is all about.

    To learn more about meeting times, please contact Hollie Schuetz: or Advisor, John Snyder:

  • Rodeo Club


    The Colorado State University (CSU) Rodeo Club is one of the largest and most active sport club organizations on the CSU campus. Our club consists of approximately 30 active members who work to promote the sport of rodeo and compete within the ranks of the National Intercollegiate Rodeo Association (NIRA).

    To learn more about meeting times, please contact Kristen Schmidt: or Advisor, Wayne Miller:

  • Sigma Alpha Sorority

    This sorority’s mission is to cultivate professional women in Agriculture. They strive for achievement in scholarship, leadership, and service, and to further the development of excellence in women pursuing careers in agriculture. This is a great opportunity for young women who want to create lifelong bonds between other women who are leading the agricultural industry

    To learn more about meeting times, please contact Kellie Hirakata: 

  • Students of Landscape Design and Contracting (SOLDAC)

    SOLDAC is a student organization designed to encourage involvement in the Environmental Horticulture industry for those who are interested. All students within the Horticulture and Landscape Architecture department are encouraged to participate.

    To learn more about meeting times, please contact or Advisor, Zach Johnshon:

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  • Vines to Wines

     The Vines to Wines Club has been created to provide community for students interested in viticulture and enology and wine in general; To create opportunities for education related to wine and viticulture To provide interactions between students, community, vineyards, wineries, and industry professionals; And to promote responsible alcohol consumption in all aspects.
    To learn more about meeting times, please contact Sam Buckingham: or Advisor, Stephen Menke:


  • Animal Welfare Judging Team

    Are you Interested in Animal Welfare Science?! We’re a team at CSU dedicated to forming a community of undergraduate, graduate, and veterinary students interested in the science AND ethics related to animal welfare decisions in production, wildlife, companion and research species.

    To learn more, please contact Lily Edwards-Callaway: or Faith Baier:

  • Food Distribution and Research Society Case Study Team


    The team prepares by learning about important food market trends and methods for analysis. At the FDRS national meetings, they are presented with a case study from a key industry player in the region where the meetings are held, and have one day to provide a strategic plan for them to address a defined challenge. The team can be comprised of undergraduate and Master’s students.

    To learn more, please contact Dawn Thilmany:

  • Livestock Judging Team


    Our program dates back to 1914 when the first team competed at the National Western Stock Show. Team members have gone onto to excel in the Livestock Industry where they have been called upon to be industry leaders. Many contribute their success after graduating from CSU to the values gained through Livestock Judging.

    To learn more, please contact Clay Carlson:

  • Seedstock Merchandising Team

    The Seedstock Merchandising Team carries on a 100 year tradition of seedtock cattle at CSU. Through the use of 4 committees, animal preparation, data management, written promotion, and event promotion, team members oversee all aspects of the annual bull sale. This includes creating an advertising and promotion scheme, outlining a budget, and making specific design, layout, and production decisions for bi-annual newsletters, a regional advertising campaign, a sale catalog, website, and social media. 

    To learn more, please contact Jason Ahola: 

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  • Meats Judging Team

    Meat judging involves the critical evaluation of carcasses and various other products from market beef, swine, and lambs in order to determine their value and to rank them accordingly. The CSU Team competes at a national level against other university team and is very well known world-wide in the meat science discipline.

    To learn more, please contact

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  • Dairy Judging Team


    To learn more please contact Josh Docheff:

  • Horse Judging Team


    Colorado State University’s Horse Judging Team, in existence since 1978, is one of the country’s most successful horse judging programs. CSU’s Horse Judging Team has won each of the major judging contests at least once, including the Morgan Nationals, Quarter Horse Congress, Arabian Nationals, Quarter Horse World Show, NRHA Futurity and the National Western Stock Show.

    To learn more please contact Tim Jedra:

  • Meat Animal Evaluation Team


    CSU offers an opportunity to excel on the Meat Animal Evaluation Team. This CSU judging team competes at the national Meat Animal Evaluation Contest hosted in March at the Oklahoma City Stockyards and then at Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, OK. This contest combines all important factors in animal evaluation and truly is a great opportunity to shine among the nation’s best livestock evaluators.

    To learn more please contact Clay Carlson:

  • Soil Judging Team


    Soil judging is an educational experience that allows undergraduate students to competitively evaluate and interpret soil physical properties for recommendations on land use. Soil judging is an exciting way to gain valuable hands-on experience characterizing soils in the field which is essential for any successful soil scientist, land manager, or agronomist.  Participating in soil judging provides students with a developed understanding of the intricacies of soils and the personal experiences to continue to motivate their efforts in soil-related fields. The National Collegiate Soil Judging Competition (NCSJC) is an integral component in the intellectual growth of our team and provides an opportunity for members to hone their skills. An additional benefit to qualifying for the NCSJC is it allows students to network with professionals of various earth sciences as well as compete with students from 90 other universities.

    To learn more please contact Susan Melzer:

  • Wool Judging Team


    To learn more, please contact Michelle Crites:

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