Our Current Funded Grant Programs


CHS Foundation

Our data driven project will adapt micro-credentialling approaches to advance students’ awareness of, and skills in, field-specific precision irrigation scheduling using innovative soil moisture sensing and water balance tools. 

We will facilitate the collaboration of professionals from industry, high school and higher education to support teachers to effectively educate students who will, in turn, become the next generation of agriculture leaders in precision agriculture!  

  • Goal 1: Build learning modules 
    • Track pilot usage and beta testing 
    • Structured, iterative feedback and revision processes 
  • Goal 2: Teacher training 
    • Observations of workshops and trainings 
    • Evaluation surveys/debrief of teachers and trainers  
  • Goal 3: Bridge high school and university with micro-credentials 
    • Pre-and post-surveys of teachers  
  • https://www.chsinc.com/about-chs/news/news/2022/04/28/chs-foundation-grants-2022
  • https://www.chsfoundation.org/

SyncUp Colorado


USDA Higher Education Challenge Grant 


  1. USDA Higher Education Challenge Grant https://www.nifa.usda.gov/    
  1. Conserving the world’s plant genetic resources (PGR) is critical for ensuring global food security. The genetic diversity contained in those resources will allow plant breeders to improve nutritional quality and to combat future crop disease epidemics, insect infestations, and increased stress due to climate change. Sustaining the network of genebanks that conserve PGR requires knowledgeable staff with skills in acquiring, maintaining, regenerating, evaluating, documenting, and distributing PGR accessions (Byrne et al., 2018).