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About the Labs

The weed lab focuses on research in the areas of:

  • Sustainable weed management contributing to sustainable cropping systems
  • Identification of the molecular and genetic basis of complex herbicide resistance mechanisms
  • The study of what makes a weed a weed and understanding the evolution and the complex genetic basis of weediness
  • Changes in evolutionary trajectories of weedy species due to human management, specifically herbicides and herbicide resistance evolution
  • Developing genomics and bioinformatics resources to study weedy species with a special interest in next-generation sequencing, gene annotation and genome assemblies, and RNA sequence and transcripts
  • Utilization of next-generation sequencing to study complex traits in weeds, development of markers for rapid diagnostics
  • Research of integrated weed management tools, such as harvest weed seed control
  • Herbicide fate in the environment and non-target impacts
  • Invasive species management and adaptive strategies to establish desirable plant communities
  • Herbicide metabolism and herbicide translocation via experimentation with C-14
  • Extensive plant physiology

We employ many undergraduate and graduate students in many fields of study. The lab is based out of the Plant Sciences Building and the Weed Lab greenhouse. The lab grows many samples in the greenhouse and in the field for study, as well as utilizing natural areas for seed. Join the lab.

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