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Current Projects:

Gaines Lab

  • Working with Arabidopsis transporter mutants and the effect on herbicide translocation
  • Synthetic membrane experiments to predict herbicide transport
  • Assembling and annotating the Kochia genome
  • Annotating the Kochia transcriptome
  • Synthetically increasing gene copy number for increased plant yield
  • Kochia housekeeping genes for qPCR
  • Dicamba resistance in Kochia
  • Miniaturizing plant dose response curves using plate assays
  • Population genetics of glyphosate resistant Palmer amaranth
  • 2,4-D resistant Indian Hedge Mustard resistance mechanism
  • Metabolic resistance in dicots by recurrent selection in Palmer amaranth and Kochia
  • Palmer amaranth and waterhemp normalization genes for qRT-PCR
  • Sequencing herbicide target site genes in grain sorghum
  • Survey of winter annual grass weeds for seed retention at harvest and for herbicide resistance
  • Wheat mutagenesis to develop novel traits
  • Characterizing resistance to QPE in Wheat
  • 2,4-D resistant waterhemp resistance mechanism
  • Developing SSR markers for population genetics in Kochia scoparia
  • Yeast assay to experimentally test candidate herbicide resistance genes
  • P450 cloning and characterization
  • ALS resistance in Kochia by point mutation and metabolism
  • Pathogen resistance in Kochia with the USDA
  • Somatic propagation of Kochia for copy number variance
  • Population genetics of glyphosate resistant Kochia
  • Determine glyphosate resistance mechanism in a Kochia population that has low-level glyphosate resistance but does not have EPSPS gene duplication

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