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Western IPM Kochia Work Group

The Western IPM Center funded the Kochia Work Group in 2019 to bring together researchers from the public and private sector to develop a coordinated strategy for integrated kochia management. An Executive Committee formed to guide the strategy, and sub-committees met to discuss priorities for biology and ecology, herbicide resistance, integrated weed management, and education and social science. A 2-day meeting was held on October 16-17, 2019, in Denver, CO. This page contains scribe notes from the meeting, PDF versions of the presentations, and links to video recordings of the talks.

Summary of top priorities from participant surveys:

  • Basic seed biology – 1) coordinated, multi-state, long term seed bank dynamics with ongoing monitoring of seed viability; 2) how the environment affects seed biology, such as crop vs non-crop; improved seed storage for reference lines; research on stimulating synchronized germination
  • Herbicide resistance – 1) standard resistance testing protocols and rating systems, including standard reference lines (resistant and susceptible) available for all to use; 2) molecular markers for in-lab and in-field diagnostics of HR
  • Integrated Weed Management – 1) new non-chemical tools such as research across crops for effectiveness of HWSC on kochia (using cropping systems to manage seed production); 2) modeling research to build a kochia management decision support tool;
  • Education and Social Science – 1) an online Kochia Action Committee platform with coordinated communication material; 2) longitudinal survey of management practices for scope of problem and barriers, changes in management practices and impact over time; 3) initial trials of area wide management groups

New!! Video from Steve Shirtliffe and Eric Johnson at the University of Saskatchewan, showing drone imagery and remote sensing of kochia infestations:



Meeting Agenda:

Kochia Work Group Agenda 2019

Scribe Notes:

Kochia Work Group 2019 Discussion Scribe Notes

Participant Survey of Priorities from Group Discussions:



Western IPM Kochia Work Group 2019 Welcome









This project was funded in part by the USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture through the Western Integrated Pest Management Center, grant number 2018-70006-28881.

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