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College of Agricultural Sciences Personnel Profile
Personnel Photo of Jordan  Suter
Jordan Suter
Jordan F. Suter
Agricultural and Resource Economics
College of Agricultural Sciences

Nutrien Building Building, Room
  • Ph D, Cornell University; Resource Economics
  • MS, Cornell University; Resource Economics
  • BA, Vanderbilt University; Economics, Political Science

My research program addresses policy-relevant issues related to land use and water resource management. The research primarily relies on empirical analysis that uses geo-spatial modeling, survey research, and experimental methods to analyze how humans respond to the incentives generated by resource characteristics, natural disasters, and management policies. Current research that I am engaged in assesses the economic tradeoffs associated with groundwater and salinity management using hydro-economic modeling, the economic impacts of irrigated land retirement, the influence of social comparisons and incentives on water resource use, and the impact of wildfire on drinking water systems and recreation.

Ahsanuzzaman, Ahsan, Palm-Forster, Leah, Suter, Jordan, (2022) Experimental Evidence of Common Pool Resource Use in the Presence of Uncertainty Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization 194 139-160

Shartaj, Mostafa, Suter, Jordan, Warziniack, Travis, (2022) Summer Crowds: An Analysis of USFS Campground Reservations During the COVID-19 Pandemic PLOS One 17 1

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Suter, Jordan, Rouhi Rad, Mani, Manning, Dale, Goemans, Chris, Sanderson, Matt, (2021) Depletion, Climate, and the Incremental Value of Groundwater Resource and Energy Economics 63

Hrozencik, Aaron Aaron, Manning, Dale Thomas, Suter, Jordan, Goemans, Chris G, (2021) Impacts of Block-Rate Energy Pricing on Groundwater Demand in Irrigated Agriculture AJAE

Rouhi Rad, Mani, Manning, Dale Thomas, Suter, Jordan, Goemans, Chris G, (2021) Policy Leakage or Policy Benefit? Spatial Spillovers from Conservation Policies in Common Property Resources JAERE

Benka-Coker, Wande, Young, Bonnie N, Oliver, Shannon, Schaeffer, Joshua William, Manning, Dale Thomas, Suter, Jordan, Cross, Jeni Eileen, Magzamen, Sheryl L, (2021) Sociodemographic variations in the association between indoor environmental quality in school buildings and student performance Building and Environment 206 108390

Mieno, Taro, Rouhi Rad, Mani, Hrozencik, Aaron, Suter, Jordan, (2021) The Importance of Well Yield in Groundwater Demand Specification Land Economics 97 3 672-687

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Rouhi , Mani, Haacker, Erin, Sharda, Vishali, Nozari, Soheil, Xiang, Zaichen, Araya, Alemiea, Uddameri, Venkatesh , Suter, Jordan, Gowda, Prasanna, (2020) MOD$$AT: A Hydro-economic Modeling Framework for Aquifer Management in Irrigated Agricultural Regions Agricultural Water Management 238 366-383

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Hannah, Hennighausen, Suter, Jordan, (2020) Flood Risk Perception in the Housing Market and the Impact of a Major Flood Event Land Economics 96 3 366-383

Leah, Palm-Forster, Suter, Jordan, Kent, Messer, (2019) Experimental Evidence on Policy Approaches that Link Agricultural Subsidies to Water Quality Outcomes American Journal of Agricultural Economics 101 1

Suter, Jordan, Collie, Sam, Duke, Josh, Messer, Kent, Michael, Holly, (2019) Common Pool Resource Management at the Extensive and Intensive Margins: Experimental Evidence Environmental and Resource Economics 73 973-993

Shepler, Ryan, Suter, Jordan, Manning, Dale Thomas, Goemans, Chris G, (2019) "Private Actions and Preferences for Coordinated Groundwater Conservation in Colorado’s Republican River Basin" Journal of the American Water Resources Association 55 3 657-669

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Monger, Randall, Suter, Jordan, Manning, Dale Thomas, Schneekloth, Joel, (2018) "Retiring Land to Save Water: Participation in Colorado’s Republican River CREP" Land Economics

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Sharp, Misti Dawn, Suter, Jordan, Hoag, Dana Loyd Keske, (2017) "An Experimental Approach to Resolving Uncertainty in Water Quality Trading Programs"

Schaeffer, Joshua William, Suter, Jordan, Cross, Jeni Eileen, Boback, SM, Keel, MK, Drazenovich, T, Hawkins, MG, DeRisi, JL, (2017) PMCID: PMC5383532. Curr Opin Virol 23 125--129

Monger, Randall Grant, Suter, Jordan, Manning, Dale Thomas, Schneekloth, Joel, Retiring Land to Save Water: Participation in Colorado's Republican River Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program Land Economics

Suter, Jordan, (2017) "Evaluating the Energy Cost of Groundwater Production in the Denver Basin Aquifers" Colorado Water

Suter, Jordan, Miao, Haoran, Messer, Kent, Fooks, Jacob , (2016) The impact of information on behavior under an ambient-based policy for regulating nonpoint source pollution Water Resources Research

Suter, Jordan, Colbert-Sangree, Nathaniel, (2015) Community based fishery management within the Menai bay conservation area: A survey of the resource user Marine Policy

Suter, Jordan, Saini, Viplav, (2015) Capacity constraints and information revelation in procurement auctions: experimental evidence Economic Inquiry

Li, Jingyuan, Duke, Josh, Messer, Kent, Michael, Holly, Suter, Jordan, (2014) Impact of risk information in a spatially explicit groundwater environment with contamination risk: experimental evidence Water Resources Research 50 6390-6405

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Saini, Viplav, Suter, Jordan, Capacity constraints and information revelation in procurement auctions Economic Inquiry

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Suter, Jordan, Spraggon, John M., Poe, Greg L., (2013) "Water quality trading experiments: thin markets and lumpy capital investments" Global Water Forum 1328 4 pages

Messer, Kent D., Suter, Jordan, Yan, Jubo, (2013) Context effects in a negatively framed social dilemma experiment Environmental and Resource Economics 55 3 387-405

Suter, Jordan, Spraggon, John M., Poe, Gregory L., (2013) Thin and lumpy: an experimental investigation of water quality trading Water Resources and Economics 1 36-60

Hansen, Thomas, Rueda, B. R., Suter, Jordan, Obholz, K. L., Davis, J. S., Pru, J. K., Austin, Kayle Jillaine, Hansen, Thomas, (2000) "Prostaglandin F2[] (PGF2[]) induction of interferon response factor (IRF)-1 in the corpus luteum" Proceedings The Endocrine Society 82nd Annual Meeting Abstract 1319

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