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Conference Abstracts

We have presented our research in the most important scientific meetings in the US, such as the American Dairy Science Association, the American Society of Animal Science, and the American Association of Bovine Practitioners.


Check out some abstracts and posters!

  • Association among body condition score change, milk yield, and reproductive performance (Abstract)
  • Association between milk yield and fertility by health status during early lactation (AbstractPoster)
  • Changes in milk yield in the proximity of AI as predictors of conception risk (AbstractPoster)
  • Cumulative effects of early lactation diseases on fertility and survival (Abstract)
  • Development of a multivariable Reproductive Index to assess fertility of dairy cows (Abstract Poster)
  • Early lactation disease incidence in Holstein cows acrossmultiple US regions (Abstract)
  • Effect of lameness during early lactation on subsequent fertility and survival of Holstein cows across multiple geographic areas in the US (Poster)
  • Effect of season on fertility of dairy cows in four US regions (AbstractPoster)
  • Effect of time to resumption of ovarian cyclicity postpartum on fertility and survival of Holstein Cows (AbstractPoster)
  • Genetic parameters of fertility in dairy cattle (Abstract)
  • Genome-wide association studies on fertility and health traits in Holstein dairy cows (Abstract)
  • Effect of purulent vaginal discharge on ovarian cyclicity, pregnancy, pregnancy loss, and cow survival in a large multi-farm population of Holstein cows (Poster)







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