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Steve Barry


Project Plans

Year 1:

  • ESW/N Fields
    • Plant fall cover crop (intended to winterkill)
  • WSW/M Fields
    • Plant winter wheat with yellow sweet clover interseeded.

Year 2:

  • ESW/N Fields
    • Terminate cover crop.
    • Plant Spring cover crop.
    • Terminate spring cover crop mid-summer.
    • Summer fallow.
    • Plant winter wheat in Fall.
  • WSW/M Fields
    • Spray out yellow sweet clover.
    • Harvest winter wheat.
    • Fall/winter fallow.

Year 3:

  • ESW/N Fields
    • Harvest winter wheat.
    • Plant Fall cover crop mixes (intended to overwinter).
  • WSW/M Fields
    • Plant Spring cover crop mixes.
    • Terminate cover crops mid-summer.
    • Plant winter wheat in Fall.


Located in Southeastern Utah, Steve Barry has been producing dryland winter wheat and alfalfa on his family’s homestead.  The farm has been in no-till operation for over ten years.  Other practices used on the site include cover crop rotations and the incorporation of cover crop mixtures into cash crop production.

Project Role

Steve Barry assists in project planning and manages a field site on his farm.


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