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Levi Garchar


Volunteer wheat on fallow, 2015.

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Project Plans

Year 1:

  • Summer fallow with volunteer wheat.
  • Winter fallow.

Year 2:

  • Plant spring cover crop mix.
  • Terminate cover crop in July.
  • Plant fall cover crop mix (winter kills in winter).

Year 3:

  • Summer fallow (beans planned but too dry to plant).
  • Plant Fall cover crop (species to overwinter into Spring 2018).
  • Terminate cover crop Summer 2018.


As a young farmer, Levi Garchar has been growing winter wheat, dry beans and sunflowers on approximately 1400 acres.  In 2011, he experimented with peas as a cover crop.

Project Role

Levi selects cover crop mixtures for testing on his farm in collaboration with the project team. He assists with project planning and presentations for outreach activities.


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