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Project Plans

Year 1:

  • Trial #1
    • Fallow in spring.
    • Plant winter wheat.
    • Plant fall cover crop trial plots.
  • Trial #2
    • Plant winter wheat (baseline wheat data)

Year 2:

  • Trial #1
    • Terminate cover crops mid-summer.
    • Collect soil, plant, cash crop data.
    • Plant winter wheat in Fall.
  • Trial #2
    • Harvest winter wheat (baseline wheat data)
    • Plant 5 Fall cover crop mixes.

Year 3:

  • Trial #1
    • Harvest winter wheat in each cover crop/fallow plot.
    • Plant 3 Fall cover crop mixes.
  • Trial #2
    • Plant 3 Spring cover crop mixes.
    • Terminate cover crops (all 8 mixes) mid-summer.
    • Plant winter wheat in Fall.


The Southwestern Colorado Research Center conducts research to identify and develop crop varieties and management practices adapted to the unique environment of SW Colorado. Research results are disseminated to agricultural producers and others via publications, field days and presentations at various events.

Project Role:

The Southwestern Colorado Research Center maintains two trial sites and leads the Dryland Cover Crops project.


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