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The Leach Lab

One of the most intriguing challenges for plant biologists is to understand the complex interactions of plants, their environment, and the multitude of living organisms in or around the plant – the phytobiome. Research in the Leach lab has tackled this challenge in the rice-bacterial blight-climate pathosystem and by investigating multitrophic interactions in wheat, the Russian wheat aphid and the aphid-associated microbiome. These studies integrate physiological, molecular, genomic and genetic approaches, and involve laboratory and field experimentation. Ultimately, the goals of our group are to identify sources of long-lasting, broad-spectrum disease/insect resistance in the plant host, allowing for the development of ecologically sustainable forms of plant disease/insect control.

Dr. Leach winds highest award in plant pathology!

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New article highlights the dangers of antibiotic use on crops

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CTV News Spotlights Leach Lab in the Announcement of Nutrien Gift

Research in the Leach Lab Highlighted in CSU’s 1870 Dinner for Donors

Start video at 4:40 to see our members of our lab and department.

Dr. Leach awarded the 2019 Louis Malassis Distinguished Scientist Prize

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Denver Museum of Nature & Science interviews Dr. Leach for their podcast!

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