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Extension Articles

  • Sastry Jayanty.¬†Managing Tuber Maturity to Improve Skin Set.¬†Spud Items Volume 64, No:11 August 9, 2012. PDF
  • Sastry Jayanty.¬†Potato Storage Sanitation.¬†Spud Items Volume 63, No:9 May 2012.¬†PDF
  • Sastry Jayanty.¬†Predictions of pressure bruise susceptibility based on early tuber weight loss in storage.¬†Spud Items, Volume 61, No:12 September 2009.¬†PDF
  • Randy Beaudry¬†Sastry Jayanty¬†and Phil Schwallier.¬†McIntosh storability: A marriage of ReTain and SmartFresh.¬†November Fruit Grower News 38‚Äź39 (2003).
  • Randolph Beaudry,¬†Sastry Jayanty, Melissa Butkiewicz and Katie Schwallier, Department of Horticulture, MSU, East Lansing, MI 48823 Phil Schwallier, Clarksville Horticultural Experiment Station, Clarksville, MI 48815¬†How apple maturity influences 1‚ÄźMCP effectiveness.¬†Fruit Grower News (2005)

Cultivar Information Sheets

  • Mesa Russet.¬†PDF
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