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The Cancer Prevention Laboratory, is directed by Colorado State University Professor, Henry J. Thompson, Ph.D. The lab conducts both pre-clinical and clinical research, the goal of which is to identify practical solutions that will empower an individual to adapt lifestyles that achieve and maintain a lower risk for cancer.

In order to provide the necessary tools for health care professionals to define an individual’s risk for cancer, a major focus of the CPL’s research agenda focuses on development of surrogate endpoint biomarkers, i.e. oxidative damage markers, genomic signatures, proteomic profiles, and metabolic patterns of cell function that represent modifiable factors that can be used to monitor changes in cancer risk.

Because our food supply is a primary source of many chemicals that contribute to the interplay of forces that promote as well as prevent the development cancer, the CPL is part of the College of Agricultural Sciences. This permits cancer researchers to regularly interact with investigators responsible for decisions that impact the health characteristics of the foods ultimately made available to the consumer.The CPL judges that enhancement of the health benefits of the foods made available to consumers could have global impact on human health and well being.

The CPL’s other primary research focus is on weight control. There is a global epidemic in the occurrence of overweight and obesity. Failure to prevent adult weight gain predisposes populations to a host of chronic diseases including cancer. New solutions are required to combat this global epidemic and the CPL is actively engaged in research on energy metabolism and exercise that are intended to define new approaches to weight control for the 21st century.

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