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Dr. Whitney Cranshaw’s Research Interests:

“I have broad research interests related to Integrated Pest Management of all arthropods affecting horticultural commodities in Colorado, particularly vegetables, shade trees, turfgrass and specialty crops.  This includes: development of management methods for insect/mite pests of landscape plants and vegetable crops, particularly those that that minimize non-target impacts and/or are compatible with organic production; development of action thresholds for insect pests of vegetables and incorporation of host plant resistance; and evaluation of non-target effects of pesticide applications to landscape plants and vegetables.  Research efforts also are designed to be flexible enough to respond to new insect/mite problems that do affect horticultural crops or cause nuisance problems in Colorado.

Extension responsibilities primarily involve outreach activities related to diagnosis and management of insect pests of horticultural crops in Colorado.  Shared Extension responsibilities (with Frank Peairs) also extend to management of household insects, those of medical importance, 4-H entomology, and general entomological inquiries.

Following the discovery and 2008 description of thousand cankers disease of walnut (with Ned Tisserat),  I have shifted considerable effort to research and Extension activities related to management and containment of this emergent threat to North American Juglans.”

Courses I Teach:

102: Insects, Science and Society (Fall semester)

303B: Horticultural Entomology Lab (3 sections) (Fall semester)

510: Insect Plant Disease Relationship

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