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Maria C. Capurro

MARIA CRISTINA CAPURRO, Ph.D. Soil & Crop Sciences

Research: Internet-of-Things Sap Flow Gauge

I am inspired by the impact our research could have on management practices in agriculture. Open-source-low-cost systems bring technology to places and circumstances otherwise inaccessible. Implementation of this tech will improve management operations and processes in the ag industry, and make jobs easier by enhancing overall performance.




Research: Real-Time Data Broadcast Sensor Network

I feel most fulfilled when I am outside in nature. Poetry, especially classical poetry, and music appear to mimic nature and provide, in some ways, similar fulfillment. Nature, in all of its manifestations, inspires me to no end.


Ian B. Askland

IAN BRAZIL AKSLAND, Lab Manager, M.S. Soil & Crop Sciences

Research: Novel CSU-Auburn Soil Moisture Sensor

I enjoy the creative atmosphere of development and believe our lab has a positive impact on our communities. Our soil moisture work has the potential to improve plant health and lower water use in irrigation. This project could help a lot of people.


Dylan Casey

DYLAN CASEY, Lab Manager, M.S. Soil & Crop Sciences

Research: Edge-of-Field (EoF) Water Quality Management and Automated Water Infiltration Measurement System

Our lab is unique in that it is very interdisciplinary. The work that we do mashes together soil, plant, and atmospheric science with engineering, computer science, and sensor technology. All the devices leverage low-cost, open-source hardware and Internet-of-Things (IoT) connectivity.


Nishant Kashiv

NISHANT KASHIV, M.S. Computer Science

Project: Firmware Development

I program Internet-of-Things devices to collect and process the data needed for ongoing Soil and Crop Sciences research. I appreciate the collaborative environment in this lab created by the willingness of members to help others solve their problems.


ANDREW BARNEY, Student Researcher, B.S. Soil & Crop Sciences

Everyone in the lab has a lot of talent and enthusiasm, with the lab pursuing a diverse range of interesting projects and goals. At my day job I work for a robotics company in Wellington and assemble large EOD style robots that are often purchased by the military and bomb squads.


Lucille Rollins

LUCILLE ROLLINS, Student Researcher, B.S. Soil & Crop Sciences

Project: Website and Online Tools Development


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