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Publications in Peer Reviewed Journals

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Extension Publications and Fact Sheets

Minas I., Manganaris G., 2019. Concorrenza greca in aumento con le migliorate tecniche post-raccolta (in Italian). Rivista di Frutticoltura 7,  28-34.

Stewart JE, Miller ST, Minas IS. Preventive Control for Cytospora Canker on Peach. Colorado State University Extension 2018, Fact Sheet No. 2.954.

Minas IS. Cytospora Canker Studies at CSU’s Western Colorado Research Center. Upper Grand valley Pest Control District Newsletter 2017, 4-5.Evangelidou A,

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Vasilakakis M, Karaoglanidis G, Minas IS. Ozone applications for the reduction of postharvest losses during cold storage of horticultural products. A friendly to the environment technology (in Greek). Agriculture–Livestock 2010, 5, 61-69.

Oral Presentations in International Conferences

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