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Fellowships and Traineeships

Graduate students, particularly Ph.D. candidates, should take advantage of fellowships, grants, and traineeships available through the University and government agencies. Our students typically apply to fellowship programs through:

FFAR: Foundation for Food and Agriculture Research 

NSF: National Science Foundation

NIFA: National Institute of Food and Agriculture

These fellowships pay for 2 to 3 years of graduate study. Do not postpone action on fellowships or traineeships because some are awarded only to recently admitted graduate students or only to students who have recently passed their preliminary exam.

Smaller fellowships and grants are available from numerous other sources and your major advisory should provide guidance on which are most appropriate for your research program. The principal advantages of these programs are that they allow relative freedom in the graduate program with no service obligations to CSU or to professors who provide funding for students through their own grants.  Furthermore, they are often transferable to another institution.

Graduate students may also prepare grant or contract proposals in collaboration with a CSU recognized Principal Investigator. Applications for such awards usually require transcripts and formally written proposals.  They are excellent training for students seeking careers in research.  Applications for fellowships, traineeships, and information concerning grant proposals are available from the sponsoring agencies, the College of Agricultural Sciences Office, Graduate School, and/or the Office of Sponsored Programs.

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