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Graduate Student Seminar Requirement

Every semester of your program, you should register for and attend, if possible, the 792 Department Seminar

If you present a seminar, you may elect to receive either a letter or a S/U grade and you will earn 2 credits. If you do not present a seminar, you will receive a S/U grade for 1 credit based on attendance and participation. You must select the appropriate credit and grade options when registering.

All Plan A M.S. candidates and all Ph.D. candidates must present a final seminar on their research results to the department. Pest Management M.S. candidates may present a final presentation on their internship and professional paper. The final seminar is usually presented a part of your defense exam and it may either be in 792 or on an ad-hoc basis. You must notify the department at least 1 week in advance of your final seminar date and time to ensure that all department members have the opportunity to attend.

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