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Howard Schwartz

Schwarts, HowardPlant Pathology

Professor Emeritus and Extension Specialist
C202 Plant Sciences




Research Interests:

  • Integrated Pest Management of DRY BEAN rust, white mold, and bacterial diseases; and ONION bacterial, fungal and Iris yellow spot virus diseases.
  • National Coordinator for the Onion ipmPIPE project.
    • Improvement of dry bean genetic resistance to priority pathogens and their diseases in cooperation with plant breeders.
    • Contributor to Bugwood, which accesses more than 230,000 digitized images and video files used for teaching, extension and research.


Selected Publications:

Bag, S., Schwartz, H.F., Cramer, C.S., Havey, M.J., and Pappu, H.R. 2014. Pathogen Profile – Iris yellow spot virus (Tospovirus: Bunyaviridae): from obscurity to research priority. Mol. Plant Path. DOI: 10.1111/mpp.12177

Boateng, C. O., and Schwartz, H. F. 2013. Temporal and localized dynamics of Iris yellow spot virus within tissues of infected onion plants. Southwestern Entomologist: 38:183-199.

Boateng, C. O., Havey, M., Otto, K., and Schwartz, H. F. 2014. Evaluation of onion germplasm for resistance to Iris yellow spot virus and/or onion thrips (Thrips tabaci). Southwestern Entomologist 39:237-260.

Langham, M.A.C. Schwartz, H.F., Tolin, S.A., Golod, J., LaForest, J., and Cardwell, K.F. 2011. Legume ipmPIPE: A New Option for Generating, Summarizing, and Disseminating Real-time Pest Data to Stakeholders. J. of Integrated Pest Management DOI: 10.1603/IPM11003.

Muñoz, R. M., Lerma, M. L., Lunello, P., and Schwartz, H. F. 2014. Iris yellow spot virus in Spain: Incidence, epidemiology and yield effect on onion crops. J. of Plant Pathology 96:97-103.

Schwartz, H.F., Gent, D.H., Fichtner, S.M., Otto, K., Boateng, C.O., Szostek, S., Cranshaw, W.S., and Mahaffey, L.A. 2014.

Thrips tabaci (Thysanoptera: Thripidae) and Iris yellow spot virus associated with onion transplants, onion volunteers and weeds in Colorado.  Southwestern Entomologist  39:691-704.

Schwartz, H. F., Alston, D., Alwang, J., Bartolo, M., Blunt, T., Boateng, C. O., Bunn, B., Cramer, C.S., Cranshaw, W., Davidson, J., Derie, M., Doran, J., Douce, K., Drost, D., du Toit, L. J., Gourd, T., Gugino, B., Hammon, B., Hardin, J., Hausbeck, M., Jibilian, G., Lafferty, L., LaForest, J., McMillan, M. S., Mohan, S. K., Morrice, J., Nault, B., Nischwitz, C., Norton, G., Otto, K., Pappu, H. R., Petersen, M., Sampangi, R., Schroeder, B., Secor, W., Szostek, S., Tisserat, N., Uchanski, M.E., VanKirk, J., Waters, T., Wiriyajitsomboon, P., and Wohleb, C. 2014. Onion ipmPIPE: A coordinated effort to improve the management of onion thrips and Iris yellow spot virus for onion growers and their industry. APS Plant Health Progress 15:172-183.

Schwartz, H. F. and Singh, S.P. 2013. Breeding common bean for resistance to white mold: A review. Crop Science 53:1832-1844.   Doi: 10.2135/cropsci2013.02.0081

Singh, S.P., Schwartz, H. F., Teran, H., Viteri, D.M., and Otto, K. 2014. Pyramiding white mould resistance between and within common bean gene pools. Can. J. Pl. Sci. 94:947-954.

Webb, K.M., Case, A.J., Brick, M.A., Otto, K. and Schwartz, H.F. 2013. Cross pathogenicity and vegetative compatibility of Fusarium oxysporum isolated from sugar beet. Plant Disease 97:1200-1206

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