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Amy Charkowski

Dr. Charkowski Photo

Office: C129A Plant Sciences
Lab: E213 Plant Sciences
Phone: 970.491.8586 

Lab Website:

Research Interests

My research goal is to learn how necrotrophic bacterial pathogens cause disease in plants. My lab focuses on Pectobacterium and Dickeya, which are broad host range bacterial pathogens and we study how these bacteria infect potato and how to best detect these pathogens in potato and in the environment. We are also interested in other high impact potato pathogens, especially Potato virus Y, and are currently working on projects related to virus resistance and detection in potato.

Courses I Teach

    The course provides an overview of the broad range of interactions that bacteria have
    with plants, with an emphasis on interactions leading to disease. Particular emphasis will
    be on the major groups of plant pathogenic bacteria, the diseases they cause, and how
    they cause various disease phenotypes. This course builds upon basic concepts
    provided in an introductory plant pathology course, and assumes a basic knowledge of


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