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Vamsi Nalam

Molecular Biology

Assistant Professor
Office: C213 Plant Sciences
Lab: E106 Plant Sciences
Phone: 970.491.4189

Lab Wesbsite:

Research Interests

My research seeks to understand the physiological and molecular mechanisms underlining interactions between plants, insect herbivores, and pathogenic microbes as a means of managing pests and diseases. I strongly believe that a better understanding of these mechanisms holds the key to sustainable agriculture. The knowledge of interaction/communication between plants and their biotic stressors will allow us to engineer disease resistance in agronomically important plants.

Selected Publications

Nalam, V.J., Louis, J., Patel, M. and Shah, J. 2018. Arabidopsis-Green Peach Aphid interaction: rearing the insect, no-choice and fecundity assays, and electrical penetration graph technique to study insect feeding behavior. Bio-protocol, 8(15): e2950. DOI: 10.21769/BioProtoc.2950

Nalam, V.J., Louis, J., and Shah, J. 2018. Plant defense against aphids, the pest extraordinaire. Invited Review. Plant Science,

Angelella, G.M., Nalam, V.J., Nachappa, P., White, J.A, Kaplan, I. Endosymbionts differentially alter exploratory probing behavior of a nonpersistent plant virus vector. Microbial Ecology.

Nachappa, P., Culkin, C.T., Saya, P.M., Han, J.L. and Nalam, V.J. 2016. Water stress modulates soybean aphid performance, feeding behavior and virus transmission in soybean. Frontiers in Plant Science 7, DOI:10.3389/fpls.2016.00552.

Nalam, V.J., Sarowar, S. and Shah, J. 2016. Establishing a Fusarium graminearum infection model in Arabidopsis thaliana. Bio-protocol, DOI:10.21769/BioProtoc.1877.

Nalam, V. J., Alam, S., Keereetaweep, J., Venables, B., Burdan, D., Lee, H., Trick, H. N., Sarowar, S., Makandar, R. and Shah, J. 2015. Facilitation of Fusarium graminearum Infection by 9-lipoxygenases in Arabidopsis and Wheat. Mol. Plant-Microbe Interact., 28:1142-1152.

Nalam, V.J., Keeretaweep, J., Sarowar, S., and Shah, J., 2012. Root-derived oxylipins promote green peach aphid performance on Arabidopsis thaliana foliage. Plant Cell, 24: 1643-1653.

Chaturvedi, R., Venables, B., Petros, R., Nalam, V.J., Li, M., Wang, X., Welti, R., Takemoto, L.J. and Shah, J. 2012. An abietane diterpenoid is a potent activator of systemic acquired resistance. Plant J., 71:161-172.

Makandar, R.*, Nalam, V.J.*, Lee, H., Trick, H.N., Dong, Y. and Shah, J. 2012. Salicylic acid regulates basal resistance to Fusarium head blight in wheat. Mol. Plant-Microbe Interact. 25:431-439.

Both authors contributed equally to the work.

Nalam, V.J., Vales, M.I., Johnson, E.B. and Riera-Lizarazu, O 2007. Map-based analysis of genetic loci on chromosome 2D that affect glume tenacity and the free-threshing character in common wheat (Triticum aestivum L.). Theor. Appl. Genet. 116:135-145.

Nalam, V.J., Vales, M.I., Watson, C.J.W., Kianian, S.F. and Riera-Lizarazu, O. 2006. Map based analysis of genes affecting the brittle rachis character in tetraploid wheat (Triticum turgidum L.). Theor. Appl. Genet. 112: 373-381.

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