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The courses listed below are some of the courses required for completion of the Interdisciplinary Program in Organic Agriculture.

  • WheatSOCR 343 Composting Principles & Practice- Fall 2017, Fall 2019
  • HORT 345/SOCR 345- Diagnostics and Treatment in Organic Systems- Summer 2018
  • SOCR 341 Microbiology for Sustainable Agriculture- Spring 2016, Spring 2018
  • SOCR 342- Organic Soil Fertility – Fall 2016, Fall 2018
  • SOCR 344- Crop Development Techniques – Spring 2016, Spring 2018
  • HORT 344- Organic Greenhouse Production – Spring 2016, Spring 2018
  • HORT/SOCR 424 Topics in Org Ag- Spring 2017, Spring 19

The Interdisciplinary Studies Program is open to all students. However, for students in the Department of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture or the Department of Soil and Crop Sciences many program prerequisites are also part of their degree and so they can complete requirements faster.

A vital part of the program is the required internship that gives students first-hand experience working in organic agricultural production or marketing.

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