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Invisible Ink

546_1093 Invisible Ink is a brochure developed several years ago to review the role expatriate advisors play in the development process, and how they can be more effective in their role. The name is derived from what is not written in your contract but what you might actually be expected to do. The brochure looks at the overall highly top down administrative environment common to most developing countries. The emphasis is for advisors to maintain the lowest possible profile while promoting their host associates accomplishments. It introduces the term of “non existents” to emphasize this with the idea that expatriate advisor are never included in the organizational chart, and if you are not an official part of the organization “How can you possible exist?”.

The brochure was designed primarily as an orientation document for those initially going out on an expatriate advisory assignment in hopes that it will provide a greater understanding of the work environment they are entering and thus avoid some of the frustration often experienced my first time advisors.

The brochure can be downloaded by Clinking Here.

Last Modified: 14 April 2015

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