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pandropsDeveloping Smallholder Agriculture: a global perspective, Richard L. Tinsley, AgBe Publishing, Brussels , 2004, 438pp $49

The book provides a synthesis of the author’s work over three decades with smallholder farmers. It is not specific to any one country, but rather summarises experiences from Asia , Africa and the Middle East . This book is a good review of the realities of smallholder farmers and specifically addresses hypotheses on which assistance to smallholders has been based. It emphasises the importance of measures to encourage village-level micro-enterprises as an effective means of support. The author’s outlook is pragmatic and he has included vivid examples and photographic illustrations. References are provided at the end of each chapter facilitating further reading. The author’s concern is genuine and his approach in presenting the problems feels authentic. Chapter six offers questions and answers about the sustainability of smallholder agriculture. The book can be a valuable source of first-hand information to those at any level concerned about smallholder agriculture in developing countries especially with a global outlook.

Last Revised: 19 March 2006

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