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Smallholder Agriculture

The purpose of this website is to promote smallholder agriculture as it occurs in developing countries where smallholders represent the majority of the producers. The intention is to provide a forum for those assisting smallholders and those working with them to access information and exchange opinions on how to most effectively assist smallholders to maximize their efforts in enhancing the smallholder economic well being as well as the sustainability of their efforts after donor funding and external facilitation ends.

The site is housed on the Colorado State University College of Agricultural Sciences server and managed by Dick Tinsley, as a benefit extended by the University to all active and emeritus faculty. Dick is solely responsible for the contents and it does not necessarily reflect the opinions of Colorado State University, the College of Agricultural Sciences, the Department of Soil & Crop Sciences, or any other organization mention on any page.  He is open to all suggestions as to how this website can serve its clients and their efforts to assist the smallholder beneficiaries. Contact Site Manager:

In addition to this home page the website is divided into five sections as shown by the navigation tabs at the top of all pages. These are:

  1. Issues: This is the main section of the website used to list and explain various issues effecting smallholder agriculture and the development effort to assist them.
  2. Studies Needed: This is a section which highlights were additional studies may be desired to clarify some of the issues and guide future projects to a more in-depth understanding of the plight of smallholder and more effective means of assisting them.
  3. Forum: The forum section is an opportunity for others to post opinions on the plight of smallholder agriculture and how it can be more effectively addressed.
  4. Books: Is a page set aside for those who have published books concerning smallholder agriculture to post them for visitor to the site to review.
  5. Links: Provides direct internet links to other organization involved in smallholder agriculture.

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