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Hoop Houses (High Tunnels)

The Specialty Crops Program erected a hoop house at the Horticulture Research Center during the summer of 2004 for demonstration and use as a shade structure. Hoop house research is in demand by growers and is a high priority for the Specialty Crops Program. We will be conducting experiments and variety trials under hoop houses during the summer of 2006.

researcher Driving ground stakes
Researcher checking to see if stakes are level
Researchers laying out arches of shade structure
Driving ground stakes
Checking to see if it is level
Laying out the arches
Researchers putting arches together Researchers attaching the purlin to the shade structure Researchers continuing attaching the purlin
Putting arches together
Attaching the purlin
Researchers securing perlin close up on researcher Researcher on ladder attaching purlin to shade structure Securing structure to wood
Securing the purlin
Securing the base with wood

Other Sources of Information About Hoop Houses

See for more information about high tunnel systems in the Central Great Plains. The website is a USDA sponsored project exhibiting research done in cooperation with growers, professors, students, and Kansas State Research and Extension, University of Missouri Extension, and University of Nebraska-Lincoln Cooperative Extension. There is information about purchasing and constructing hoop houses, educational materials and research data, and a long list of resources available on this website. Other organizations involved in hoop house research include the Noble Foundation, Penn State University, and Rutgers University.

Below are links to CSU Specialty Crops Program Grower Research and Education Grants which focus on hoop houses:

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