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Research Projects

New Production Technologies

The Specialty Crops Program will continue research in innovative technologies for season extension and protected production.

The Economics of Low-cost High Tunnels for Winter Vegetable Production in the Southwestern United States

Variety Trials

CSU is teaming up with other U.S. universities through the Northern Organic Vegetable Improvement Collaborative (NOVIC) to trial new and known vegetable cultivars.  The goal is to find high performing cultivars specific to each region in the U.S.

NOVIC results 2016 and 2017

Greenhouse Production

The Specialty Crops Program is currently investigating new LED greenhouse lighting technologies.  Two projects underway look at tomato production using new LED inter lighting and strawberry production under different quality LEDs.

New Crop Introduction

The Specialty Crop Program is currently installing an irrigation trial on Aronia melanocarpa, or black chokeberry.

This project is funded by the Colorado Department of Agriculture’s Specialty Crops Block Grant.  More info here.

High Tunnel Tomato Pruning

Graduate Student Brian Mitchell is studying cluster and sucker pruning effects on high tunnel tomato production.


Results 2016 and 2017

Disease Suppression in Onions

Field research looks to investigate potassium fertilizers impact on suppressing Iris Yellow Spot Virus (IYSV), a common thrips vectored virus in onions in Colorado.

See results here.

HORT 450 Student Projects

Vegetable production factsheets prepared by the students of Vegetable Crop Management Practicum (HORT 486B) and Warm Season Vegetable Production (HORT 450B)

2016 Fact Sheets

2018 Fact Sheets

Project By Topic

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