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Three varieties leeks were grown at the Horticulture Research Center(HRC) outside of Fort Collins, Colorado for demonstration purposes during the summer of 2004. Leeks were started in the greenhouse on April 1st and were transplanted at 6 ” spacing in a double row on beds with 30″ centers and one line of drip tape. The baby leeks (Lincoln) were grown at 2″ in row spacing. Below are photographs of the varieties.

Leeks are a dependable, simple crop to grow. Leeks have a long, extended season, and they stand well in the field offering long-term harvests. Thickly planted baby leeks can be thinned to allow for full-sized leek production. For long-blanched shanks leeks need hilling. When hilling take care not to get dirt into the leaf. Asian markets appreciate the leaves and roots which are normally trimmed and discarded. All of the varieties grown at the HRC did well and we had no significant pest problems.

Lincoln Leeks
Lincoln (baby)
Rikor Leeks
Upton Leeks
Comparison Photo
Lincoln, Upton, Rikor Leeks
Lincoln, Upton, Rikor Leeks
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