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Pearl Onions and Bunching Onions

Two varieties pearl onions and one variety of bunching onions were grown at the Horticulture Research Center outside of Fort Collins, Colorado for demonstration purposes during the summer of 2004. Pearl onions were planted at 0.5 ” spacing in several bands, and bunching onions were planted at 1″ spacing in several bands grown on beds with 30″ centers and one line of drip tape. Below are photographs of the varieties and some production notes.

Customers may need recommendations for use of pearl onions. They are popular with some chefs, good for storage or fresh market, and can make a nice braiding onion. Thrips are the only significant pest. We will be experimenting with bulb onions in 2005.

Purplette and Pearl Drop onions
Purplette and Pearl Drop

Pearl Drop -harvest with tops requires moist soil to avoid breaking the tops and

Purplette – hardier, easier to harvest

Deep Purple Onion
Deep Purple
Beautiful color but we didn’t find it to be popular at markets.
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